City Commission Meeting Highlights, August 7, 2018

Transfer of Surplus Property at 5455 Commerce Drive

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved an emergency ordinance to transfer the Spec Building, a 60,000 square foot pre-engineered metal building and foundation located at 5455 Commerce Drive in Industrial Park West, to the Paducah-McCracken County Industrial Development Authority (IDA).  IDA has received an offer from a third party to purchase the building for $400,000 for use as a machine shop.  The building was constructed in 2005 and has never been occupied.  Since 2005, IDA and Paducah Economic Development (PED) have been managing the maintenance of the building and marketing it for sale as an industrial site.  The funds from the sale of the building will be used to help eliminate a portion of the economic development debt of IDA and PED.


Strategic Plan Workshop and Discussion

The Paducah Board of Commissioners, City Manager Jim Arndt, and the City Directors held a nearly three-hour workshop to collaborate on priority initiatives regarding the City of Paducah Strategic Plan.  In May, the Board approved a municipal order adopting the Vision Statement and the eight Key Performance Areas and Objectives.  Mayor Brandi Harless created the draft plan using information from the City Strategic Planning Session held in November 2017 and from the community meetings she held January through March. 

During this meeting, the group worked on reviewing the objectives under each of the Key Performance Areas.  Each participant was asked to provide their top three and bottom three objectives for each Area.  After much discussion and tallying of the votes, the result is a concise list of priorities. 

Commissoner Sandra Wilson said, “We have narrowed this down to more things that are reasonable and will make a difference.”

Mayor Brandi Harless said community engagement is the umbrella over all of the objectives.

The Key Performance Areas with their Prioritized Objectives are

Maintain high level of safety for all (objectives are under development)
Develop healthy and sustainable neighborhoods

  • 50% of neighborhoods will be taking on enhancement projects;
  • All neighborhoods will develop an asset map, vision board, and establish a plan for vacant properties and redevelopment;
  • 70% of neighborhoods will be connected via sidewalks and/or bike lanes;
  • 20% more housing options

Maintain thoughtful and modern infrastructure

  • Establish a funded asset management plan;
  • 70% of Paducah’s  neighborhoods will be connected via sidewalks and/or bike lanes;
  • Create a self-sustaining storm water management and infrastructure operation;
  • Explore affordable municipal broadband as a 4th utility.  Look at phasing-in neighborhoods

Provide open, smart, and engaged government

  • City services and programs will have defined outcome measures, data collection plans, and regular reporting strategies;
  • A clearly defined path through Munis for providing and tracking service requests will support continuous improvement of services;
  • Paducah will be known as a “business-friendly” city;
  • Citizens will be able to access service information via online portal

Enhance arts and culture

  • Every commercial corridor and neighborhood will have one piece of public art;
  • 50% more of Paducah’s citizens will have visited a creative or cultural destination in the city;
  • 10% more people will attend arts and culture events, programs, and classes;
  • Art consortium organizations will experience a 5% increase in funding from grants

Empower upward economic mobility for all

  • Paducah’s riverfront will be fully developed from the Carson Center to the Convention Center;
  • All commercial corridors/districts will be identified, branded, beautified, and have a plan for vacant properties;
  • 90% of downtown buildings will be occupied;
  • X% of existing businesses will expand;
  • 25% more new business permits will be submitted in Advanced Manufacturing, Creative Industries, Health/Healthcare, Business/IT, Construction/Trades, and River-logistics/Transportation;
  • Investigate population loss and launch proactive measures to reinforce population growth

Provide excellent recreation experiences for all ages and abilities

  • Paducah will host five yearly baseball/softball/soccer/tennis/Frisbee golf tournaments;
  • Shoreline and river-based recreational opportunities will be available;
  • Citizens will have access to improved after-school activities, indoor swimming, indoor recreation, and the Parks & Rec office in one centrally located facility
  • 20% more citizens and citizen groups will know how to help and engage in park cleanliness and maintenance;
  • Continue hosting city-sponsored special events

Celebrate a diverse community

  • Create Diversity Council;
  • Identify gaps in necessary programming and projects to improve diversity and inclusion;
  • Host a multicultural festival.

The next step is for the City Manager and staff to develop Action Plans for each of the prioritized objectives that will include personnel assignments, timelines, etc.   City Manager Arndt said the Board would be receiving monthly status updates.