City Commission Meeting Highlights, February 27, 2018

Note:  Commissioner Richard Abraham was unable to attend this meeting.


Ohio River Conditions

City Engineer-Public Works Director Rick Murphy updated the Paducah Board of Commissioners regarding the Ohio River at Paducah.  Currently, Paducah is almost at 49 feet with the river forecast to reach 50 feet by Sunday morning.  The Ohio then will stay at 50 feet or slightly below until March 9.  On Sunday, crews from the Engineering-Public Works, Parks & Recreation, and Fire Departments installed 14 floodgates which means the City is ready for the Ohio River to rise to 51.5 feet.  If the forecast increases again, the remaining nine gates will be installed.  They can be installed in just a few hours.  Murphy says all 12 pump plants are working as well.


City Hall Renovations to Begin Next Week

Engineering Project Manager Maegan Mansfield updated the Paducah Board of Commissioners regarding the City Hall Phase I Renovation Project.  Next week, the contractor, A&K Construction, will begin mobilizing to start the project.  Clark Street will be closed from South 4th Street to the basement entrance to City Hall.  A&K will be using a portion of the city-owned parking lot on Clark Street to store equipment and materials.  Some of the first project items will be the cleaning of the exterior of the building and the installation of protection zones around the trees that surround City Hall.  Some of the trees will be pruned as well.  On January 23, 2018, the Paducah Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance for a contract with A&K Construction in the amount of $4,293,781 for the City Hall Phase I Renovation Project.  This project includes concrete repairs and replacement, steel beam stabilization of roof cantilevers, roofing membrane and skylight replacement, exterior window and door replacement, and the replacement of HVAC source equipment.


Agreement for Phase II of the Comprehensive Storm Water Master Plan (vote March 13)

The Paducah Board of Commissioners introduced an ordinance to approve an agreement for technical services in an amount not to exceed $257,040 with Strand Associates, Inc. for Phase II of the Comprehensive Storm Water Master Plan project.  Phase II develops a storm water program funding strategy.   Some of the items included in Phase II are the development of annual operation and maintenance costs and the costs for repair and replacement of existing infrastructure, the projection of future funding needs, funding alternatives and rate options, billing system options, a rate comparison, and a storm water utility ordinance.  Phase II will include a public outreach program regarding a potential storm water utility fee.  Phase II is anticipated to be completed by the end of January 2019. 

Since March 2017, Strand has been working with the assistance of Bacon, Farmer, Workman Engineering & Testing to complete elements of Phase I.  That phase will be completed this spring with the City receiving a Master Plan report in addition to the identification of ten priority flood areas, the analysis of 30 flood mitigation alternatives, and a prioritized ranking with a cost analysis.  Principal-In-Charge/Senior Planning Advisor John Lyons explained the significance of Phase II.  Lyons said, “With the conclusion of Phase I, it is important to identify resources to implement and fund these projects.” 


Zone Change for 3101-3230 Kentucky Avenue, 3101-3213 Clark Street, and 243-247 South 31st Street (vote March 13)

The Paducah Board of Commissioners introduced two ordinances to change the zoning of several pieces of property on Kentucky Avenue, Clark Street, and South 31st Street.  These properties total 10.3 acres and are being changed from R-2 (low and medium density residential) to B-1 (convenience and service zone).  This zone change is due to proposed development in the area by the owner of the properties.  There are 38 properties at the following address ranges:  3101-3230 Kentucky Avenue; 3101-3213 Clark Street; and 243-247 South 31st Street.  Commissioner Sandra Wilson said, “It’s great to see new development and interest in the city.  I’ve seen the plans and think there are some great things planned.” 

The Planning Commission heard testimony on December 4 and December 18 regarding the zone change with the Planning Commission providing a positive recommendation to the City Commission based on the significant change that has occurred in that area.  As described in KRS 100.213(b), the zoning can be recommended to be changed based on major changes in an area’s economic, physical, or social nature.  The area surrounding these properties has seen significant change since 2011.  During that year, Midtown Market saw major renovations.  In 2012, construction began on the new Paducah Middle School which led to the demolition of 31 homes.  Independence Bank began construction in 2013, and the Coke Plant experienced major renovations beginning in 2014. 

Due to the proximity to Paducah Middle School, Commissioner Sarah Stewart Holland made motions to amend the ordinances to add the condition that retail package liquor stores, retail tobacco stores, vape or electronic cigarette shops, and any other retail establishments that sell similar products shall be prohibited.  The amendments were approved unanimously.


Approve Change Order with BFW for Riverfront Phase IB Project

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance adopting Change Order #1 with Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering & Testing, Inc. in the amount of $220,000.  This change order increases the original $126,380 contract by $220,000 for a total of $346,380.  This contact included construction administration and inspection services for the Riverfront Redevelopment Project Phase IB.  Due to the project taking much longer than expected due to the need to re-design several elements, BFW’s work extended beyond their original scope leading to the need to issue a change order.  BFW worked with the contractor, MAC Construction & Excavating, Inc., to complete the project.  The notice to proceed with MAC was issued November 30, 2015, with the project expected to be completed in July 2016.  However, the project’s actual completion date was August 21, 2017.   Phase IB of the Riverfront Project completed the surface of the park, constructed the stone revetment, and completed the transient dock and its amenities.  The next Greenway Trail phase will add additional walkways, benches, and landscaping to the park area.


Quick Highlights

  • Bob Cherry, Jr. and Harley Dickson donated a 10 foot by 15 foot U.S. flag to the City of Paducah to replace the flag located at the Alben W. Barkley Memorial located on Jefferson Street at the intersection with Joe Clifton Drive.  Dickson, a World War II veteran, said, “There’s nothing more beautiful to me than to see a flag blowing in the breeze.”
  • Boards and Commissions:
    • William Clayton and Jim Wheeler reappointed to the Commissioners of Water Works Board.
    • Melanie Nunn appointed to the Municipal Housing Authority.
  • Municipal order approved accepting the bid of Galls, LLC with unit prices for uniforms for employees of the Fire and Emergency Communications Services Department.   
  • Municipal order approved authorizing the deed of conveyance for an approximately 60-acre piece of property located near the intersection of Old Mayfield and Houser Roads.  Paducah Water acquired the property in 2012 through the merger with Hendron Water District.  Paducah Water does not need the property.  This municipal order declares the property as surplus and approves selling the property at public auction.
  • Municipal order approved to apply for a $200,000 Rural Business Development Grant to help renovate a section of the former Coke plant.  No local match is required.  This grant in partnership with the Paducah School System would be used to develop a larger workshop area for community use for Sprocket programming.  Sprocket is a non-profit that is partnering with the Paducah Public School System to serve as an entrepreneurial innovation hub. 
  • Municipal order approved authorizing the grant application for the 2018 National Recreation & Park Association/Disney Meet Me at the Park program.  If awarded, this $30,000 grant would help construct a challenge obstacle course at the Pat & Jim Brockenborough Rotary Health Park.  The match required for the grant has been met through prior expenditures on the Rotary playground.  The City is applying for this grant on behalf of the Rotary Club of Paducah.
  • Municipal order approved authorizing the grant application to the National Park & Recreation Association for the 10-Minute Walk Campaign.  The City is requesting a $40,000 grant which if awarded would be used for strategic planning to review and enhance the connections between parks and sidewalks/bike lanes/trails.   No local match is required.
  • Municipal order approved authorizing the declaration and sale of city-owned surplus property located at 125 North 11 Street.  The adjacent property owners, Chris and Ginny Hutson, submitted a $1 bid for the property.  They propose to demolish the existing residence and stabilize the attached addition formerly known as Slim’s BBQ.  Future plans include opening a small retail store.  Furthermore, a municipal order was approved authorizing a memorandum of agreement between the City and Chris and Ginny Hutson to provide $6500 as an incentive for demolition expenses. 
  • Interim City Manager Mark Thompson says that 20 headstones at Oak Grove Cemetery have been vandalized.  If you have any information, please contact the Paducah Police Department.
  • Mayor Brandi Harless introduced Lyndsey Birdsong who serves as an administrative assistant in the Mayor’s office.