City Commission Meeting Highlights, July 24, 2018

Traffic Study Report for Buckner Drive Intersections at Pecan Drive and Pines Road

In November 2017, the City engaged the services of HDR Engineering to conduct a traffic study of Buckner Lane between and including the intersections with Pecan Drive and Pines Road.  At this meeting, City of Paducah Engineer & Public Works Director Rick Murphy and HDR’s Highway Section Manager Chad Stoerger presented the results of the traffic study and HDR’s recommendations.  Signal warrant, traffic operations, and safety analyses were performed for both intersections.

The City of Paducah asked HDR to consider several options to address the traffic congestion noted at the intersection of Buckner Lane and Pecan Drive.  According to HDR, that intersection is operating with an unacceptable delay, level of service, and queuing.  Options considered include doing nothing, making the intersection a three-way stop, adding a traffic signal, widening Buckner Lane to include a dedicated right-turn lane for traffic turning onto Pecan, and a combination of the signal and right-turn lane.  HDR says the most beneficial improvement would be adding both a right turn lane as well as a signal to help decrease the intersection delay and queuing issues.  If the implementation of both a signal and right turn lane is not feasible, then the next best option would be installing only a signal.  

Murphy says the cost for adding just the signal is approximately $125,000 to $150,000.  If the signal and right-turn lane are added, the cost would be approximately $250,000 to $275,000.  The cost of making the intersection a three-way stop would be quite inexpensive, costing only about $1000 for the stop signs and stop bar striping.  However due to the increase in delays on Pecan Drive, Stoerger said, “The all-way stop control is the poorest option.”  

Regarding the intersection of Buckner Lane and Pines, HDR says the intersection is expected to continue operating acceptably from a traffic capacity standpoint; however, safety improvements were considered.  HDR recommends reconfiguring the southbound right-turn channelization to flatten the approach angle which could reduce the frequency of rear-end collisions.

After a lengthy discussion of the various options, the Paducah Board of Commissioners decided to spend the next month reviewing the study and talking with constituents.  They plan to further discuss the traffic study at the August 28 meeting. 

Approve Intent to Annex Properties on Hinkleville Road, Harris Road, and Olivet Church Road

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance for an intent to annex several properties adjacent to Paducah’s west side.  The properties total nearly 70 acres and have five different property owners.  Three property owners have requested the annexation of their properties:

  • In a letter dated May 2, 2018, Ms. Nancy Bergfield requested the annexation of 5201 Hinkleville Road.
  • In a letter dated March 16, 2018, Ms. Alberta Davis requested the annexation of 5310 Harris Road and 5325 Hinkleville Road.
  • In a letter dated May 2, 2018, Falconite Real Estate Holdings, LLC requested the annexation of Tracts 2 and 3 on an annexation plat in addition to 2705 Olivet Church Road.

To facilitate growth, the City also intends to annex Tract 5 (19.95 acres owned by Menard, Inc.) and Tract 6 (8.0 acres owned by Harriett Reed, Trustee of Walter Reed Trust) as shown on the annexation plat.  Plats showing all of the properties can be found in the meeting packet at

Tom O’Neil who works in real estate acquisitions for Menard, Inc. attended the meeting after spending time today with the City Manager and staff discussing the annexation and the business plans and designs for Paducah’s Menards store which is expected to open in late 2019 or early 2020.  O’Neil said, “We [Menards] are looking forward to becoming a member of the community.”

Approve Change Order No. 2 for the City Hall Phase I Project

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance for Change Order No. 2 for the City Hall Phase I project.  The Change Order involves nine elements that have either been deleted or added to the project.  The net result of the nine elements increases the contract with A&K Construction by $16,836.  A portion of the cost increase is due to the repair needed to the beams and canopy after the removal of paint and concrete filler revealed several areas in need of patching.  Another addition is due to the need to increase the roof slope for drainage.  The change order adjusts the total contract with A&K to $4,104,236.

The contract with A&K to rehabilitate City Hall was approved by the Paducah Board of Commissioners on January 23 of this year.  The contractor began working March 4.  This project includes the rehabilitating and improving of City Hall’s roofing membrane, concrete overhang (canopy) through steel beam stabilization of roof cantilevers, façade, heating and cooling systems, skylights, windows, and exterior doors.  Currently, the building has a screen around it as crews have been removing layers of paint and debris from the exterior.  The screen helps keep the debris on the concrete podium area for containment and removal.  The project is expected to be completed around Thanksgiving, which is ahead of schedule.

Quick Highlights

  • Melanie Nunn reappointed to the Municipal Housing Authority.
  • Mayor Brandi Harless introduced Downtown Development Specialist – Paducah Main Street Director Katie Axt at the meeting.  Axt, an urban planner, has vast experience in waterfront development and planning.   Axt has spent the past nine years working in New York.
  • Municipal order approved authorizing an assistance agreement between the City and the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority to provide $4,610,667 in loan funds for the rehabilitation of Floodwall Pump Station #2. 
  • Municipal order approved authorizing purchases totaling $131,216.42 from Dell, Inc. for software and hardware for the upgrade to the 911 computer-aided dispatching (CAD) system.  Items include servers, storage arrays, operating system software, and licenses. 
  • Municipal order approved for annual contracts for services between the City and the following agencies:
    • Luther F. Carson Four Rivers Performing Arts Center --The City will provide $59,425 to the Carson Center to support the youth programming.
    • Paducah Transit Authority –The City will provide $215,000 for the public transportation services.
    • Paducah Junior College – The City will provide $75,000 for the operation of the Paducah School of Art & Design.
    • Paducah Junior College – The City will provide $125,000 for the Community Scholarship Program.
  • Ordinance approved for an agreement with HDR Engineering in the amount of $166,500 for data collection and pavement inspections associated with the implementation of the pavement management software program, PAVER.  Once the information is collected and imported into the PAVER software system, the program will provide cost information regarding street repairs, maintain an inventory, and provide reports that will help the City objectively identify streets in need of repair.  Then, each street will be re-inspected using summer interns every three years.
  • Ordinance introduced (vote August 14) to close Adams Street from the intersection with South 25th until the street ends; South 24th Street from the intersection with Jackson Street until the street ends; and two alleys that parallel Adams Street on this block.  The closures were requested by the Paducah Independent School District which owns the adjacent properties.  The Planning Commission held a public hearing July 2 and is making a positive recommendation for the closures.  The closures are associated with the school district’s planned Innovation Hub.


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