City Commission Meeting Highlights, November 27, 2018

Change Order #1 with Huffman Construction for Floodwall Pump Station No. 2 Project

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved Change Order # 1 with Huffman Construction for the Floodwall Pump Station # 2 Project.  This change order reduces the contract amount by $25,000 resulting in a new contract amount of $4.922 million.  The change order resulted due to a change in how three of the pumps were removed from the facility.  The original plan was to dismantle them for removal.  However, they were able to be lifted out through the skylights resulting in a contract decrease.

The Board approved the contract with Huffman Construction in April to rehabilitate Floodwall Pump Station #2 located at 1416 North 6th Street.  The project includes the replacement of discharge pipes, the rehabilitation of various mechanical components of all seven pumps and motors not previously repaired, and the replacement of the sluice gate.  Pump Station #2 has the largest pumping capacity of 313,000 gallons per minute.  Since it’s the first station to be activated at a local river stage of 27.5 feet, it receives the most wear-and-tear. 

The City has $1.4 million in grant funds for the project which includes a $1 million Community Development Block Grant and $400,000 from Delta Regional Authority.  To fund the rest of the project, the City has received a low interest loan through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) through the Kentucky Energy & Environment Cabinet and Kentucky Infrastructure Authority.

Repeal Paducah Code of Ordinances Section 66-93 (vote December 11)

The Paducah Board of Commissioners introduced an ordinance to repeal Section 66-93 of the Paducah Code of Ordinances regarding the use of profane, offensive, or indecent language in public places.  The ordinance was enacted in 1967; however, in February 2017, the Supreme Court of Kentucky addressed ordinances regulating speech.  Paducah has since received an attorney opinion stating that Section 66-93 of Paducah’s Code is believed now to be unconstitutional.

Quick Highlights

  • Mayor Brandi Harless presented a Duchess of Paducah to Andrea Orr, co-owner of Milner & Orr Funeral Home, for her work to bring the Wall that Heals to Paducah.
  • Samuel Brooks Goode appointed to the Brooks Stadium Commission. 
  • Municipal Order approved for a grant application to the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.  The grant request is for $15,000 which if awarded would be used to purchase an inflatable firehouse to be used for public education and community risk reduction efforts.  No local match is required.
  • Municipal Order approved accepting the 2018 State Homeland Security Grant Program award of $63,500.  The funds will be used to purchase bomb suits for the Paducah Police Department.  No local match is required.
  • Municipal Order approved to accept the 2018 Area Development Fund Award in the amount of $4143.64 which will be used to purchase computer equipment that will add WiFi capacity to public areas including City Hall.
  • Municipal Order approved for approval of amendments to the Administrative Plan for the Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher Program.  The amendments are necessary since the Section 8 program will be administered and managed by the Housing Authority of Paducah in 2019.
  • Ordinance approved for the closure of the alley between Brown Street and Murray Avenue.
  • Ordinance approved adopting the plat with property line corrections along the riverfront.  This is necessary to show that the City owns the property designated for the extension of the Greenway Trail along the riverfront.  During the research process, some property line discrepancies between the City and the Paducah McCracken County Convention Center Corporation were found on the plat that needed to be corrected