City Commission Meeting Highlights, October 10, 2017

Note:  Commissioner Sandra Wilson was unable to attend the meeting.


Curbside Recycling and Yard Waste and Brush Collection Program Modifications

Public Information Officer Pam Spencer presented to the Paducah Board of Commissioners additional details about the single-stream curbside recycling program that is under development in addition to the proposed changes to the solid waste program including grass clippings and yard waste collection.  Spencer and Assistant to the City Manager Michelle Smolen, City Engineer & Public Works Director Rick Murphy, and Assistant Public Works Director Chris Yarber have been working on the program details since the September 12 presentation.

The team has been working on developing programs based on assumptions approved at the September 12 meeting.  Those assumptions include that the recycling program would start in January and would be for residential service only with voluntary subscription.  Plus, it would include a small monthly fee per subscriber.   Another program component is that the collection of recyclables would be twice per month and curbside/roadside only with no collection in alleys.  The City plans to use royal blue 96-gallon rollout containers. 

At this meeting, additional curbside recycling details were presented including a proposed fee of $3.00 per month per subscriber.  The fee is based on the need to purchase rollout containers for recycling and due to the fact that the disposal of recyclable materials is, at this time, about 15 percent more per ton than the disposal of solid waste.  This proposed fee would make a resident’s total solid waste charge be $19.50.  In a review of Kentucky cities offering curbside recycling, most charge a total fee of $16.99 to $20.75.  Mayor Brandi Harless requested more details, specifically demographic information, about the 2016 Citizen Survey question regarding interest in curbside recycling if a fee is included. 

Additional recycling details include that the collection would be on Mondays twice per month with half of the customers seeing collection on the first and third Mondays of each month and the other half seeing collection on the second and fourth Mondays.  Sign up for the curbside program will begin in November through a web link or by calling the Engineering-Public Works Department.  Plus, the recycling drop-off location at Freedom Waste (400 State Street) will remain open for everyone to use. 

The development of this curbside recycling program relies, in part, on efficiencies found in the Solid Waste Division through a restructuring of the brush and yard waste collection program and through the altering of solid waste collection zones so that the same number of trash rollouts is collected each day.  Changes to the solid waste zones will take effect in January as well.  Approximately one third of the City’s customers will see their solid waste collection day shift by one day.

Regarding brush and grass clippings, the City is providing disposal options and asking that residents partner with the City by managing some of the green waste at the household level.  Residents can take bags of grass clippings and yard waste to the Compost Facility on North 8th Street.  Plus, it is fine to place yard waste and grass clippings in the trash rollout container.  However, for residents with larger piles of brush (about the size of two wheelbarrow loads or the size of a rollout) and/or at least 5 bags of grass clippings, the City is moving to a call-in system that would take effect in January.  For these larger size collections, residents would need to place the piles/bags curbside/streetside (not in the alleys) and call the Engineering-Public Works Department for a collection.  Crews will complete the collection in 5 business days with no additional charge to the customer.    

The next steps that need to be completed in order to implement the curbside recycling program and the changes to the solid waste and green waste collection include

  • Order the recycling rollouts, attach informational stickers, and deliver to households that request recycling services;
  • Partner with Paducah Water for billing;
  • Set up an online citizen request system for recycling and brush/grass clippings requests;
  • Adopt a municipal order setting the single-stream curbside recycling fee if a fee is determined to be appropriate;
  • Amend the solid waste ordinance to reflect curbside recycling and solid waste program changes; and
  • Implement a public engagement program.

Approve Bid for Noble Park Tennis Court Reconstruction

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved a municipal order accepting the bid from Central Paving of Paducah in the amount of $177,009.06 for the Noble Park Tennis Court Reconstruction project.  This bid is lower than the engineer’s estimate for the project.  The project will re-grade the area and install new tennis court surfaces for the six tennis courts located at Noble Park.  In addition to some new fencing, the project will reuse fencing that was installed earlier this year after storm damage in January.  The Noble Park Tennis Courts are the only public tennis courts in Paducah. 

Approve Intent for Annexation for 2909 Lone Oak Road and 2835 Maryland Street

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance for the intent to annex property located at 2909 Lone Oak Road and 2835 Maryland Street.  S&R Investments, LLC has asked the City to annex the properties.  These properties which are owned by Tri-State Construction Company are south of Banks Market.  The owner plans to construct a retail strip center.  Earlier this year, the neighboring properties at 2901 and 2905 Lone Oak Road and 2825 Maryland Street were annexed. 

6th Annual Combined Conference for Fire Service, Electrical, and Building Professionals

Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention Greg Cherry provided a preview of the 6th Annual Combined Conference for Fire Service, Electrical, and Building Professionals.  The FREE conference is available to anyone in the electrical, building, construction, design, social services, or firefighting professions.  The conference will be October 20-21 at the Julian Carroll Convention Center.  At this time, nearly 300 people have signed up for the conference.  Participation in the classes can provide attendees with continuing education credits for the State of Kentucky.  Pre-registration is required by the end of the day on Monday, October 16.  To register, complete the registration form or call Fire Prevention at 270-444-8527.

Quick Highlights

  • Mayor Brandi Harless proclaimed October as Alpha Delta Kappa Month.  The Alpha Delta Kappa International Honorary Organization for Women Educators works to establish high standards of education and build a fellowship among educators.
  • Bill Paxton was reappointed to the Paducah-McCracken County Riverport Authority.
  • Municipal order approved amending the monthly premiums for the Delta Dental Plan for the 2018 calendar year.  The premium rate change increases the employee annual maximums from $1000 to $2000.  Premiums will increase slightly to reflect the new upper limit.