City of Paducah Recognizes Employees who Embrace Customer Experience Value

Date of release: March 19, 2019

Customer Service SuperstarsIf you have visited City Hall, the Parks & Recreation Department, or the Paducah Police Department, you may have noticed the blue customer experience cards. These cards ask folks to rate the level of customer service that they received and tell about their experience. Also, employees have been asked to include a link to the short customer experience survey on their email signatures.

City Manager Jim Arndt says, “Team Paducah is focused on not only meeting a customer’s expectations in responsive and respectful service but also exceeding those expectations. Every interaction is important and every person matters, both internally and externally.”

These survey cards were developed by the Middle Management Team, a group of employees representing various departments. Assistant City Manager Michelle Smolen coordinates the Middle Management Team

Smolen says, “With Customer Experience as one of the City’s new organizational values, we tasked the Middle Management Team with the job of finding a way to make that value come alive. These survey cards have generated an incredible response from the public, but the best part has been the excitement from the employees. They are so proud to serve the public, and they want to receive feedback.”

Numerous employees have provided exceptional customer service and deserve recognition. Here are three of our recent superstars along with an excerpt from the citizen or visitor who provided the rating.

  • Debbie McGee (Permit Specialist, Fire Prevention Division of Paducah Fire Department) – Debbie is extremely helpful on all items I ask for assistance with. She is very responsive and willing to help in any way possible.
  • Vicki Miller (Records Clerk, Paducah Police Department) – The receptionist was nice and friendly. Mrs. Miller answered my concern. When she did not know the answers, she went to find out. This was an awesome experience.
  • Lessa Wilson (Executive Assistant I, Parks & Recreation Department) – Lessa is very organized and helps us with preparations and planning for a successful event. We are thankful for the City Parks Department coordinating cross-departmental meetings like a champ.

Since the launch of the blue customer experience cards in January, more than 300 responses have been submitted.