Community Input for Paducah’s Strategic Action Plan

The Paducah Board of Commissioners has started a strategic planning process, and they want input from the community.  Mayor Brandi Harless would like to speak with community groups between now and March 17, 2018, to share the list of discussion topics and to gather feedback from the community.  City Commissioners will rotate their attendance at these meetings with one Commissioner attending each meeting with Mayor Harless if available. 

To sign up for a one-hour meeting with the Mayor, use the Strategic Plan Calendar.  A calendar will pop up showing available times.  Community groups of any size can invite Mayor Harless to discuss the City’s future.  

Topics of discussion, also known as key performance areas, are as follows:

  • Bold Visionary Leadership
  • Outstanding Customer Focused City Services
  • Good Stewardship of Fiscal Resources
  • Diverse, Engaged, and Supportive Community
  • World Class Parks and Recreation Opportunities
  • Well-Maintained, Thoughtfully Planned Modern Infrastructure
  • Resilient, Diverse Local Economy
  • Healthy City
  • Collaborative Regional Leadership
  • Dynamically Planned Sustainable Community
  • Vibrant Arts Community

In November 2017, the Paducah Board of Commissioners, City Manager, and Department Directors participated in a strategic planning session to begin the development of goals and priorities for the City.  Julia Novak, president of the Novak Consulting Group, facilitated the interactive workshop. 

Strategic Plan Discussions