Construction Project at Dog Park

Date of release:  July 30, 2018

Large Dog park construction will begin Wednesday, August 1, to improve the irrigation and drainage at the Dog Park located in Stuart Nelson Park. Dog owners and dogs that use the large dog park will need to visit Field 1 at Stuart Nelson Park beginning Wednesday.

A couple of tips as we relocate you during this construction.

1. Entry and Exit will be through a side gate off the parking lot at Field 1. This is a single entry exit. Therefore, owners need to keep their dogs leashed until they get in to the fence and secure the gates.

2. Maintenance crews will be moving benches over today and tomorrow in preparation for this relocation. Please be flexible as we make this transition.

3. Restroom facilities are located near the field on the concession stand side of the parking area.

4. Water fountains are not availabe on site. Please bring your pup water.

We look forward to the newly improved parks and ask that you be patient with us as we improve the parks for your pups.

Help us spread the word about the construction and the relocation of the large dogs.

Once the section of the dog park is complete, then the large dogs will return to using the Dog Park and the construction project will commence on the small dog section of the Dog Park.  At that time, the small dogs will be relocated to Field 1.