Data Collection Underway for Pavement Management Program

Date of release:  September 13, 2018

Pavement Condition IndexThe City of Paducah has launched the initial stages of a Pavement Management Program that will be implemented for the 2019 street paving season.  Through a contract with the City, HDR Engineering currently is conducting pavement inspections.  Three crews from HDR are working around the city taking an inventory of the condition of Paducah’s streets through visual observations and by conducting tests on representative segments of each street.  The goal is to complete the data collection process by the end of December.

For each representative street segment, the crews are gathering data to determine the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) rating which will be used with the software program, PAVER.  By gathering data on factors such as pavement roughness, cracking types, edge of pavement cracking, potholes, swelling, depressions, each street will be assigned a PCI value between 0 and 100 with 100 representing the best possible condition of a street. 

City of Paducah Engineering Project Manager Maegan Mansfield says, “Moving from pavement maintenance to this pavement management system will allow the City to objectively identify streets most in need of repair strictly from a pavement condition and engineering perspective.  The PAVER software is a robust system that not only pinpoints streets in serious need of repair but also identifies unseen problems that lead to the demise of a street.”

City Engineer & Public Works Director Rick Murphy says, “Engineering research has shown that repairing small-scale problems in pavement and correcting the source of the pavement problems mainly by restoring positive drainage along the edge of a street’s curb and gutter can save significant money over time.  Our goal is to address pavement problems while they are small-scale and before they lead to greater, more expensive issues.  This PAVER software will help us accomplish our goals since it will trouble-shoot problem areas and offer solution options.  Solution options could include a steeper crown on the roadway to improve runoff or a change in the roadway’s design and elevation.”

In December, Engineering-Public Works staff will use the City’s street data as they attend a training workshop on the PAVER software.  Once the initial street inventory is completed, each street in the City will be reviewed every three years to update the database. 

The PCI rating system along with the PAVER software published by Colorado State University is utilized in several cities across Kentucky in addition to large organizations including the United States Air Force, United States Army Corps of Engineers, and Federal Highway Administration.  For more information about PAVER, visit    

The City of Paducah maintains approximately 220 miles of streets.  If you have a question, please call the Engineering-Public Works Department at 270-444-8511.