Drainage Projects on Buckner Lane and South 28th Street will lead to Temporary Road Closures

Date of release:  August 4, 2018

drainage projects graphicThe City of Paducah Engineering-Public Works Streets Division will be working on two drainage projects next week with the goal to complete them both before school is back in session.

On Tuesday, August 7, crews will be extending a drainage pipe at 4840 Buckner Lane.  In May, work was completed at this location to remove a broken drainage pipe and restore the ditch adjacent to the property.  Next Tuesday’s work to install the new roadside pipe and associated grading are the next phase of that project with work expected to be completed in one day. 

This location is in the sharp curve on Buckner Lane between Pines Road and Pecan Drive.  To safely facilitate the drainage project, Buckner Lane will be closed in both directions. Detours will be set up to steer traffic either to Exall Lane, Dove Lane, or Pines Road.  Drivers are urged to find an alternate route and avoid this section of Buckner Lane. 

On Wednesday, August 8, Street Division crews will focus their efforts on the driveway pipe in the right-of-way at 2733 South 28th Street.  The driveway pipe is damaged and obstructing the drainage in the area.  The property owner is working with the City through the Pipe Replacement Program outlined in Paducah’s Code of Ordinances 98-33.  The property owner purchased the pipe with the Street Division crews completing the installation.

This project will require the closing of South 28th Street in adjacent to the intersection with Norton Street.  The work is expected to last one day.  Drivers are urged to find an alternate route and avoid this section of South 28th Street since the roadway will be closed in both directions.

Please watch for the work crews and traffic control devices at both locations.

The City of Paducah maintains approximately 220 miles of streets.  If you have a question, please call the Engineering-Public Works Department at 270-444-8511.