Education & Enrichment Facet from 2018 National Citizen Survey Shows Results Higher than Benchmark in Cultural/Arts/Music Category

Date of release:  January 14, 2019

cultural arts and music activitiesThe City of Paducah is reviewing the results from the National Citizen Survey™ with this release focusing on Education & Enrichment.  Questions associated with Education & Enrichment are related to preschool, K-12, and adult education, library services, religious events and opportunities, and cultural, arts, and music activities.

One of the questions in this category asks residents to rate the opportunities to attend cultural, arts, and music activities in Paducah.  This question has had significant increases in positive results since the question was asked of Paducah residents in the 2013 National Citizen Survey.  In 2013, this question resulted in a 50% positive response.  That number increased to 69% in 2016 and to 75% in the 2018 survey.  With the 75% positive responses, Paducah is higher than the benchmark, a comparison to other cities across the nation that recently took this survey.

Mayor Brandi Harless says, “Providing a variety of arts, cultural, and music activities is an important aspect of Paducah’s quality of life.  Our partner organizations are responsible for making this possible.  I want to thank them for the enriching programming that they offer.”

An impressive result in the Education & Enrichment facet focuses on the McCracken County Public Library.  The Library has had 81%, 82%, and 87% positive results in the 2013, 2016, and 2018 surveys respectively.  Regarding K-12 education, the positive results are trending upward with the results increasing from a 64% in the 2013 survey to 79% in the most recent survey.    

City Manager Jim Arndt says, “The National Citizen Survey provides a snapshot of our community in time.  Seeing these vital categories such as education, library services, and access to cultural, arts, and music activities consistently increase is an indicator of the vibrancy and overall health of our community.  These results also show that numerous agencies and organizations are striving to be the best that they can be in providing services and opportunities.”

The National Citizen Survey, which asks questions about a community’s livability, was mailed earlier this year to 1500 randomly-selected households within the Paducah city limits.  Each question on the survey is connected to one of eight facets:  Safety, Mobility, Natural Environment, Built Environment, Economy, Recreation & Wellness, Education & Enrichment, and Community Engagement.  For more information including Paducah’s survey instrument and reports, please visit Citizen Survey.