Field Representatives Collecting Data for Comprehensive Storm Water Master Plan

Date of release:  February 2, 2018

Members of the Comprehensive Storm Water Master Plan Project Team will be reviewing existing conditions in several neighborhoods this weekend in Paducah.  Representatives from Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering & Testing, Inc. (BFW) will be visually inspecting various areas to determine the impact of past flooding events as related to structure damage and roadway access.  

In March 2017, the City of Paducah contracted with Strand Associates, Inc. who is being assisted by Paducah-based Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering & Testing, Inc. to complete a Comprehensive Storm Water Master Plan for Paducah.  

BFW employees will have copies of the Storm Drainage & Flooding Questionnaire that was previously distributed to gather community data specifically related to the flooding event of July 7, 2015.  They will be interviewing residents about their experiences related to that event.  

City of Paducah Storm Water & Drainage Engineer Eric Hickman says, “We are hoping that over the weekend, we will be able to catch more residents at home in these flood-prone areas so that we can gather additional information.  Face-to-face conversations in which we learn how a specific property is affected by a rain event are important for data collection and validate the storm water models that are being created by our consultant.”

If you have photos from the July 7, 2015, event showing specific high water marks including debris lines or water damage indicators, we encourage you to have these photos available.  If you are unable to talk with one of the field representatives, email your information.  Additional information can be found at Comprehensive Storm Water Master Plan.

The Project Team held two public meetings in 2017 to meet with residents and property owners regarding storm water flooding issues that have recently affected homes and businesses throughout the community.  At the November 2017 Public Meeting, the project team shared “draft” flood maps developed from a computer model to replicate the community flooding that occurred from the July 7, 2015, storm event.  The map reflects modeling efforts underway to recreate Paducah’s natural and manmade infrastructure including storm and combined sewer systems, topography, drainage basins, and river systems.

The Team currently is evaluating potential flood mitigation alternatives in order to develop a list of recommended projects.  Those projects would be shared at the next public meeting which has not been scheduled at this time.  The Team also will be working with the city to evaluate funding mechanisms to implement drainage improvement projects in addition to water quality protection, operations and maintenance, and rehabilitation of aging storm sewer infrastructure.