Focus on Fiscal Responsibility

Date of release:  May 30, 2019

Fiscal Responsibility Quote by Brandy Topper-CurtissOne of the City of Paducah’s organizational values is Fiscal Responsibility which states that we believe in the prudent stewardship of public funds.

Pictured is Street Superintendent Brandy Topper-Curtiss with a quote about her fiscal responsibilities with the City.

Topper-Curtiss is one of eight employees from various departments who explained how they embrace the value of fiscal responsibility in their jobs.  This video ( was released earlier this month.  Please take a moment to watch it again.  

In addition to Topper-Curtiss, the video features Taylor Morsching, Stephanie Millay, Mary Wurth, Dena Alexander, Katie Axt, Amie Clark, and Jessica Lott.

Paducah Organizational Values - Fiscal Responsibility

The next video is being created which will focus on the value of Personal Accountability.