Makings of a Master: Kentucky Folk Art Apprenticeships Exhibition at City Hall

Paducah’s City Hall is proud to host the Kentucky Arts Council’s traveling exhibition Makings of a Master: Kentucky Folk Art Apprenticeships. This traveling exhibit currently is on display in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  It will travel to Paducah and be on display at City Hall located at 300 South 5th Street from September 5 through October 30.  The exhibit will be on display Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.  There is no charge to tour the exhibit.

Mayor Brandi Harless says, “I am thrilled that the Makings of a Master exhibition is coming to Paducah’s recently rehabilitated City Hall.  It’s a perfect fit for Paducah as a UNESCO designated Creative City of Crafts & Folk Art and for our historic City Hall with its incredible atrium.” 

Harless adds, “This exhibit gives the public an overview of the depth of Kentucky’s creative spirit by focusing on the people who have mastered artistic expression ranging from musicians and dancers to storytellers and craft artists.”

The Makings of a Master: Kentucky Folk Art Apprenticeships explores relationships between master folk artists and their apprentices.  During an apprenticeship, a master teaches skills, values, and stories to an apprentice from their community.  The apprentice works toward mastery through active learning and immersion in the culture. The result is a sharing of knowledge which strengthens the traditional art form by helping it to continue and take on new life.

Videos, photos, and interpretive panels are included in the exhibit in addition to quotes from the masters and apprentices.  This exhibit is based on more than 20 years of field research and interviews from recipients of the Kentucky Arts Council Folk and Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Grant.  To learn more about the grant, visit

Our CultureBringing the Makings of a Master exhibition to Paducah is an action tied to Our Culture and the Performance Area, Creative Industries, as outlined in Paducah’s Strategic Plan.  The outcome for Action Item A-2 is to recognize, promote, and encourage creative industry growth.  To learn more about the Strategic Plan, visit

Date of release:  August 20, 2019






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