Natural Environment Facet from 2018 National Citizen Survey

Date of release:  October 19, 2018
Overall Natural Environment and Recycling Results Show Positive Increases

The City of Paducah is reviewing the results from the National Citizen Survey with this release focusing on Natural Environment.  Each question on the survey is connected to one of eight facets:  Safety, Mobility, Natural Environment, Built Environment, Economy, Recreation & Wellness, Education & Enrichment, and Community Engagement. 

There are several questions associated with the Natural Environment facet including air quality, cleanliness, drinking water, and the collection of garbage and yard waste.  One of the questions that saw significant change between this year and 2013, the first time the City of Paducah conducted a Citizen Survey, is the question that asks citizens to rate the quality of the overall natural environment in Paducah.  In 2013, the results showed that 55% rated the quality of Paducah’s natural environment as either excellent or good.  However, that number increased to 68% in 2016 and to 71% this year.

Public Information Officer Pam Spencer says, “The increase in positive ratings regarding the overall natural environment is thrilling since this question holistically encompasses Paducah’s natural features.  Paducah is a river city with its incredible location on the inland waterway, has been honored with the Tree City USA designation for more than a quarter century, and is home to more than two dozen parks including a Greenway Trail and a new riverfront park and dock area.”

Another question in the Natural Environment facet asks about the quality of recycling services in Paducah.  In the last two years, between 2016 and 2018, the percentage of positive responses increased 15 percentage points from 31% to 46%.  The City of Paducah launched a voluntary, curbside, single-stream recycling program for its residential customers in January 2018.

Assistant Public Works Director Chris Yarber says, “The City has developed a program that is easy and inexpensive for the customer.  It’s single-stream which means you don’t have to sort.  All of the accepted items can be placed together in the recycling rollout.  Plus, the program is reasonably priced at $3 per month for two collections.”

Yarber asks that neighbors encourage each other to participate.  Approximately ten percent of Paducah’s residential customers are using the curbside recycling service.  For more information about the curbside recycling program and to sign up for the service, visit Curbside Recycling

The National Citizen Survey, which asks questions about a community’s livability, was mailed earlier this year to 1500 randomly-selected households within the Paducah city limits.  

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