Organizational Value Video - Action-Oriented

Date of release: August 8, 2019

This video features 11 City employees from the Engineering-Public Works, Police, Parks & Recreation, Administration, Information Technology, Planning, and Fire departments discussing how they embrace the value, Action-Oriented, in their jobs. In December 2018, the City of Paducah adopted a new mission statement and organizational values. The values are personal accountability, fiscal responsibility, solution-driven, customer experience, action-oriented, and every person matters.

Action-Oriented - We believe Paducah leads through responsiveness, positive forward momentum, and a thirst to always improve.

The 3-minute episode features the following employees:  Chris Giurintano, Jody Burton, Taylor Morsching, Lyndsey Birdsong, David Jones, Gretchen Morgan, Dena Alexander, Nicholas Noland, Jessica Lott, Josh Sommer, and Gregory Shelton.   

Organizational Values - Action-Oriented

Stay tuned for more videos featuring City employees talking about the Organizational Values.

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