Public Meeting About Proposed Stormwater Infrastructure Fee on May 21, 2019

Calculate the Fee for Your Non-Residential Property at the Meeting

A public meeting about the proposed Paducah Stormwater Infrastructure Fee will be Tuesday, May 21 from 3 until 5 p.m. at the Julian Carroll Convention Center located at 415 Park Street.   The meeting is an open house format; however, there will be a brief presentation about the Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan development at 3 p.m. including details surrounding the process leading to the recommended fee. 

At the meeting, project team members will be stationed at computer terminals.  Property owners will be able to meet with the team members to see how the proposed Stormwater Infrastructure Fee would impact them.  Owners of businesses, non-profit organizations, apartment complexes, and other commercial properties are encouraged to attend to learn more about the fee calculation. 

Paducah’s proposed fee is $6.13 per month per Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU).  An ERU is based on the impervious surface on a parcel such as rooftops, driveways, and patios.  Using a sample of 50 residential parcels in Paducah, the average amount of impervious area per residential parcel is 3500 square feet.  It is proposed that each residential parcel pay the same amount, one ERU ($6.13 per month). 

However, the calculations are more complex for non-residential parcels.  Non-residential parcels such as commercial entities would pay a monthly fee equal to the total amount of impervious area on the property divided by 3500 and then multiplied by the proposed fee of $6.13 per month.

City Engineer & Public Works Director Rick Murphy says, “This public meeting is geared more for our city businesses.  Business owners will be given the opportunity to provide their business address, and the project team then will demonstrate exactly how the stormwater infrastructure fee will be calculated for their property.  We will be able to trace the outline of impervious area on a property and show the fee calculations.”   

The proposed Stormwater Infrastructure Fee would be a dedicated funding source for the City of Paducah to solve drainage problems, to repair, maintain, and enhance existing storm infrastructure, to provide flood protection, and to comply with federal regulatory requirements associated with water quality. The fee could generate $2.7 million annually.  Please note that this is a recommended fee. 

The City of Paducah has a contract with Strand Associates, Inc. who is being assisted by Paducah-based Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering & Testing, Inc. to complete the Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan for Paducah.

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Date of release:  May 13, 2019