Scammer Posing as DEA Agent

The Paducah Police Department is warning citizens of a phone scam.  A citizen reported to police that she had received a call on her cellphone from a person who represented himself as a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agent.  The scammer called from a 212 area code which is the area code for Manhattan in New York City.  The scammer advised the citizen that there was a potential federal charge against her, but she could avoid the charge if she paid a fine through a pre-paid credit/debit card.  The scammer said the federal charge was a result of making purchases of medications from foreign countries over the internet.  The Paducah Police Department researched the scam and found that scammers sometimes claim the federal charge stems from an intercepted package. 

Residents are reminded to be extremely careful when dealing with such contacts and to provide no personal information or money up front.