Web Link for 2018 Citizen Survey

Date of release:  June 6, 2018

Note:  The online survey closed June 20, 2018.

Citizen Survey graphic

Over the past few weeks, the City of Paducah has worked with the National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) to administer the National Citizen Survey to gather feedback from citizens about city services, civic participation, characteristics of Paducah, and various community topics.  

The process involved the mailing in May of surveys to 1500 randomly-selected Paducah households.  A new feature offered by the NRC is an opt-in web survey to collect additional community responses.  Until June 20, community members who did not receive a mailed survey are encouraged to complete the survey online at the following link (link is closed).  

Public Information Officer Pam Spencer says, “This opt-in web survey is a valuable new addition to the process since it provides an opportunity for citizens who didn’t receive the mail survey to provide the City of Paducah input regarding government services and community values.”

Spencer adds, “Please share the web link with your Paducah friends and family members.  This survey will help Paducah’s elected officials, city manager, and staff understand the needs and values of our community which in turn will be critical as we allocate resources, develop projects, and plan for the future.”

Once the opt-in survey results are collected, the NRC will make comparisons to the dataset for the scientifically-based, randomly-selected households.  After a thorough analysis, the NRC either will recommend combining the datasets or keeping them separate. 

The National Citizen Survey is a multiple-choice survey measuring a community’s livability by asking questions about safety, mobility, natural environment, the built environment, economy, recreation and wellness, education and enrichment, and community engagement.  The majority of the survey is standard so that cities can benchmark and compare their results directly to other cities by using the large database offered by the NRC.  However, each city using the survey is allowed nearly a page of customized questions.  For this survey, Paducah is asking custom questions relating to storm water, sidewalks, and the importance of specific neighborhood qualities and features.

Individual answers are anonymous.  The compiled statistical survey results will be shared with the public late this summer.  The City of Paducah utilized the National Citizen Survey in 2013 and 2016. 

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and the NRC developed the survey.  For more information, visit www.paducahky.gov/citizen-survey.  If you have a question, contact Public Information Officer Pam Spencer at pspencer@paducahky.gov or 270-444-8669.