Widening of Intersection at Pecan Drive-James Sanders Boulevard

The City of Paducah, who has contracted with Harper Construction, LLC, will be initiating the widening of the radius of a portion of the intersection at Pecan Drive and James Sanders Boulevard.  The work will begin Monday, July 22 and should last two to three days.  The work is to widen the roadway for vehicles turning right from Pecan Drive onto James Sanders Boulevard.  Large vehicles or vehicles with trailers have a difficult time making the turn in front of Paducah Bank without rolling over the curb.  This work will make it easier and safer for the vehicles. 

During the road work, please use caution, and watch for the work crews and traffic control devices.  The intersection will remain open; however, expect a delay in getting through the intersection.  If possible, please find an alternate route.

The City of Paducah maintains approximately 220 miles of streets.  If you have a question, please call the Engineering-Public Works Department at 444-8511.