Occupational License Forms/Business License

City Ordinance

The following document outlines the Business License Tax as approved by City ordinance. Business License Ordinance >>

If you have a question, contact the Finance Department at 270-444-8513.

Paducah's Tax Structure

For a summary of the structure of Paducah's business tax system, visit Track Your Tax Dollars.  Click Business License Tax Presentation for a slide presentation from the March 9, 2010 Commission Meeting.  The presentation follows a year-long study of how businesses would be affected if the City of Paducah changes from its current gross receipts collection system to a net profits system. 

The Four Rivers Business Journal contained an article written by attorney Tom Keuler explaining Paducah's tax structure.  Click Paducah's Revised Tax Code to read a copy of the May 2009 article.