Operation Warm

Operation Warm Paducah logo

In 2014, the Paducah Fire Department and IAFF Local 168 decided to become ambassadors for Operation Warm.  Operation Warm is a national program founded in 2002 that provides American-made coats to children in need. The coats cost $34 each which includes shipping. The program helps more than 300,000 children each year.

Paducah Firefighters for Operation Warm delivered 74 coats to Morgan Elementary School on November 12, 2014 (see pictures below).  Firefighters with the Paducah Fire Department and IAFF Local 168 decided to participate in Operation Warm by donating funds this year to be able to purchase a coat for every first grade student at Morgan.

Paducah Fire Captain Barry Carter, says, “When a child has a new coat, they have a lot of pride. And in the winter time, they will end up attending school more regularly where they can get the education and nutrition they need. Every donation counts, and we want the program to expand.”

Carter adds, “Our initial goal was to provide a coat for each first-grader at Morgan Elementary. We met that goal through donations by my fellow firefighters and their friends and families. Now we need the public’s help to provide every first-grade student and ultimately every elementary student in Paducah a new American-made coat.”

For more information about Operation Warm and to make a donation, visit www.iafflocal168.org.

Operation warm - zipping coat Operation Warm at Morgan Elementary