Street Division

The City of Paducah Street Division maintains approximately 220 miles of streets inside the city limits of Paducah. The Street Division handles  issues related to maintenance and drainage in the rights-of way, storm sewers, sidewalks, curb and gutter, alley maintenance, creek maintenance, City owned parking lots, and snow and ice control. The Street Division also handles traffic related issues concerning signage and signals inside City limits. If you have questions, comments, or concerns relating to any of these issues, contact us at 270-444-8511.

Visit Olivet Church Road Improvement Project to learn more about the project located just west of Kentucky Oaks Mall that was completed in 2016.

Visit Transportation Plan to learn more about the transportation planning process between the City, County, and State.

Related Code of Ordinances 

Duties of abutting property owners regarding maintenance within right-of-way (Paducah Code of Ordinances 98-31)  >>

Sidewalk Replacement Agreement (Paducah Code of Ordinances 98-32) >>

Driveway Entrance Pipes (Paducah Code of Ordinances 98-33) >> 

Winter Weather Preparation

To learn about how the Street Division prepares for winter weather including the benefits of using brine, watch the following 4-minute Paducah View video.

Paducah View (episode 10) - Preparing for Winter Weather

Annual Street Rehabilitation

The map and documents below show the streets scheduled for rehabilitation for specific fiscal years. The streets are listed in no particular order and the list is subject to change.

2015 Street Rehabilitation Plan >>

2014 Street Rehabilitation Plan >>

2013 Street Rehabilitation Plan >>

2012 Street Rehabilitation Plan >>

Street Ranking

Every few years, the Engineering-Public Works Department updates the list of all the streets within the City of Paducah and their ranking.  Street Ranking Inventory >>  Each street or street segment is ranked, including sidewalk, curb, and gutter, from 0 to 5 with 0 being non-existent; 1 equals a street in very bad condition; and 5 equals a street in very good condition.  The inventory was last updated in December 2011.

Ranking a street helps the Engineering-Public Works Department identify the streets and areas within the City that will need attention.  When ranking a street, the entire right-of-way infrastructure is evaluated.  The evaluation considers the conditions of the pavement, curbs and gutters, and sidewalks.  The evaluation often is done during late winter when the construction projects are at a lull.  The City’s Street Superintendent drives each street in Paducah and updates the street ranking document.

The streets chosen each year for rehabilitation are not chosen solely based upon a low street ranking.  Other factors taken into consideration include

  • Traffic Impact – if a street has a high traffic flow, it is considered to be a higher priority.
  • Utility Work – If utility work is scheduled for a particular road, the street rehabilitation will be postponed until the utility projects are completed first.
  • New Economic Development or Construction Projects – The timing of completion of the construction of new buildings affects the rehabilitation of streets.  Repairing a street will be done after the construction work is completed.
  • Subdivision Rehabilitation Projects – When it becomes evident that several streets need to be rehabilitated within a subdivision, the project often becomes a large-scale subdivision rehab project (examples:  Morgan Cornell, Conrad Heights, Wallace Heights, Forest Hills).
  • Budget – The available funds and the estimated rehabilitation costs determine the amount of work that can be done each year.  The cost of materials also is a determining factor.  As the cost of asphalt per ton or concrete goes up, the amount of paving and concrete work that can be done using a set budget amount is reduced.  Paducah receives an allocation of funds from the Municipal Aid Program (MAP).  MAP funds are collected from the State gas tax and are allocated for maintenance, reconstruction or construction of City streets.  Paducah’s allocation of State gas tax funds averages between $400,000 and $500,000 a year.  The City then sets aside another half million or so dollars from the Investment Fund for the annual street resurfacing projects.