Youth Firesetter Intervention Program


The mission of the Youth Firesetter Intervention Program of Paducah-McCracken County is to

  1. Identify the firesetting behavior of children who have been referred to the program for the unsanctioned and/or unsupervised use of fire;
  2. Determine the motivation for the firesetting behavior; and
  3. Provide appropriate education and/or referral for such children/families.

Program Components

The Youth Firesetter Intervention Program works closely with task force partner agencies to identify at-risk juveniles, interview them and their families, and determine the best combination of education and/or counseling to treat the juvenile.  The program consists of six basic components:  Identification/Referral, Intake/Initial Appointment, Screening Interview, Education, Intervention Services, and Evaluation Follow-up.

After a screening interview by trained staff at Necco, the educational component of the program includes up to four weekly educational classes that last approximately 1.5 hours each.  The classes are held at City Hall and are taught by members of the Youth Firesetter Intervention Task Force who volunteer their time.  In the educational program, the youth are instructed in correct fire safety procedures.  They also receive information about the legal system and presentations from local medical professionals.  Homework assignments are given to reinforce the concepts presented during the classes. 

The Youth Firesetter Intervention Program started in March 2011. 

In a follow-up survey to a parent of a youth who participated in the program, the parent said,

"This class reminded me about the severity and necessity for smoke alarms and fire plans which we have implemented since taking the class."  

The parent also said, "The class was very informative, professionally delivered, and pertinent."

Task Force

Members of the Youth Firesetter Intervention Task Force of Paducah-McCracken County include the City of Paducah Fire and Police Departments, the McCracken County Court System and Court Designated Workers, McCracken County Attorney's Office, McCracken Regional Juvenile Detention Center, Necco, Paducah Area Chapter of the American Red Cross, Paducah Public Schools, and a local registered nurse. 

Members of the task force also are available to make educational presentations regarding the Youth Firesetter Intervention Program. 

Contact Us

If you have questions about the program including the process of making a referral, contact , Deputy Fire Chief of Fire Prevention, 270-444-8522.