City Commission Meeting Highlights - August 9, 2022

Date of Release: 
August 09, 2022

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Junior Duchess Award

Mayor Bray presented the first ever Junior Duchess Award to Nyla Holder.  A duke or duchess award is presented to someone who is making a positive impact in the community.  Nyla, an eighth-grade student at Lone Oak Middle School, was nominated by her teacher, Carly Eskridge.  Nyla has served as a school ambassador and is active in the local community by volunteering with various organizations including Martha’s Vineyard, the Merryman House, Book for Hope, and McCracken County Humane Society.  Nyla also recently achieved the national title of Jr. Miss Cosmos United States.


Industrial Development Authority Economic Development Purchase

The Board approved a municipal order to provide funding to the Paducah-McCracken County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) for the purchase of property at 6866 Bobo Road for economic development purposes in order to attract industrial development near the Triple Rail site.  The City and McCracken County are splitting the cost of this property purchase with the City providing 23% of the purchase price.  The IDA holds certain publicly owned development sites within Paducah and McCracken County and is responsible for the management, maintenance, and development of the properties.  The City plans to apply for funding assistance from the Paducah Area Community Reuse Organization (PACRO) for this property purchase.


Contracts for Services for Funding Support

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved contracts for services between the City and the following agencies:

  • Sprocket, Inc. – City is providing $75,000 to support Sprocket’s small business development and job creation programs.
  • Paducah Transit Authority – City is providing $215,000 for transportation services. Director Arthur Boykin attended the meeting and explained the various services provided and how they are prioritized.  Boykin also explained that the Transit Authority is experiencing a shortage of drivers.  PATS provides approximately 165,000 rides per year.


Additional Meeting Information

  • The Board was introduced to seven recruits for the Paducah Fire Department: Trayle Prescott, Nick Hatton, Nick Bogard, Matt Uhlry, Mike Winnans, Kobe Bridges, and Hunter Matlock.
  • Municipal order approved authorizing a payment to the Paducah McCracken County Convention Center related to dome pavilion installation and dismantling services for the 2022 AQS Quilt Show.
  • Municipal order approved to provide incentives for the recently annexed property at 3520 Olivet Church Road.
  • Municipal order approved for the sale of surplus property at 1404 Madison Street.
  • Municipal orders approved for construction-in-aid fees to Paducah Power System for the removal of poles, cutting back of trees in the right-of-way, and relocation of utilities for the Buckner Lane Bridge Improvement Project and for the South 24th and South 25th Street Road Improvement Project.
  • Municipal orders approved for the purchase of a front loader refuse truck and a side arm refuse truck.
  • Ordinance approved to repeal and replace Chapter 108 "Telecommunications" of the Code of Ordinances. Chapter 108 was originally adopted in 1998.  Since then, there have been changes in law and advances in telecommunication services. The City of Paducah has been approached by several telecommunication companies interested in providing services using the City’s rights-of-way.  The City is required to publicly bid all franchises for the use of its rights-of-way. Using feedback from telecommunications stakeholders, this ordinance governs the process and requirements for bidding and entering into non-exclusive franchises with interested telecommunication companies.
  • Ordinance introduced for a budget amendment to transfer funds for vehicle purchases.
  • City Manager Daron Jordan said that the design documents are almost complete for two projects: Robert Cherry Civic Center Renovation Project and the Noble Park Pickleball Courts.  Once the design is finished, these projects then will be placed out to bid for construction.
  • Mayor George Bray said the City and County are working to finalize the interlocal agreement for the outdoor sports complex with the goal of bringing it before the Board in the next few weeks.