Neighborhoods in Paducah


Neighborhood Initiatives

The City of Paducah successfully pursued a nomination for the Northside Residential District to be included in the National Register of Historic Places.

Northside Residential District 

As a City Commission Priority, Southside neighborhoods are highlighted for targeted empowerment, engagement, and beautification.

Southside Neighborhoods Initiative  

Which Neighborhood is Mine?neighborhood map

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Which Neighborhood is Mine?

Printable 11" by 17" Map of Paducah's Neighborhoods

Being a Good Neighbor

Great neighborhoods begin with good neighbors.

Introduce yourself.  Knowing your neighbors is the first step to connecting and building community.

Spruce up your space.  Up your curb appeal, pick up litter, or organize a project to beautify your neighborhood.

Lend a hand.  Start a meal train, walk a dog, or roll that trashcan to the curb for a neighbor in need.

Starting Community Projects

Community building begins with service. Block parties, community cookouts, and other neighborhood events form friendships and connections. Coordinating community-wide projects that neighbors can participate in together, like holiday decorating or creating community gardens, build a framework for stronger bonds.

Block Party.  The City of Paducah permits block parties. The permitting process typically takes 30 days. Contact Customer Experience at 270-444-8800 for special event permit  information if you plan to close a public road.  

Community Garden.  Community gardens on private property do not need permits. Work with your neighbors to locate a garden in your neighborhood. There is a community garden at the Health Park.  To coordinate additional garden spaces, contact the Parks & Recreation Department at 270-444-8508.

Public Art.  Public art projects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The Planning Department works with artists and neighborhoods to complete art projects in public spaces. 

Organizing in Your Neighborhood

Communities are strengthened through leadership. Here are three ways to organize with your neighbors.

Use the NextDoor App.  This free app allows you to ask questions, share information, and see updates from neighbors and the City government in your local area.

Create a Facebook Group.  Another free resource that helps you organize and create events.

Start a Block Association.  Block associations can serve several functions in a neighborhood.  Through planning block parties and other events,, they provide social opportunities to help neighbors get to know one another.  They can also provide functional opportunities to plan for security, holiday decorating ideas, and/or plant/tree coordination.  How to get started:

  • Contact your neighbors to have a meeting and discuss goals for the association.  Develop a list of ideas and issues that most neighbors agree on.
  • Start with a small activity.  Plan a clean-up day or a progressive dinner party to allow neighbors to get to know each other better.
  • Tackle your first big issue.  If it’s planning a block party, for example, invite all residents to the general meeting to exchange ideas and participate in the activity.  Develop a calendar for planning the event.
  • Once you have organized your new association, please provide the Planning Department with a list of officers, addresses and telephone numbers so that we can keep in touch and share resources.
  • Talk with the Paducah Police Department about starting a Neighborhood Watch group.