City Commission Meeting Highlights - February 28, 2023

Date of Release: 
February 28, 2023


Employee Recognition and Living Our Values Every Day (LOVE) Award Recipients

Mayor George Bray presented Letters of Commendation to Public Works employees Jarried Griffin and Steven Cheswick who while working on Jefferson Street reported the abuse of a dog to law enforcement. 

The City recognized the employees who are receiving 2022 LOVE awards.  The Living Our Values Every Day Awards recognize employees who embrace the City’s organizational values. The employees are nominated by other employees with a city employee team reviewing the nominations to select one employee (or team of employees) for each of the six organizational values. The award recipients are as follows:

  • Action-Oriented:  Keith Riley, Floodwall Division of Engineering Department
  • Customer Experience:  Melissa Franklin, Public Works Department
  • Every Person Matters: Joseph Burton, Greg Cherry, David Denton, Stephen Glisson, Matthew Graves, Rodney Hall, Ronnie Hines, Jonathan Holzapfel, Cary King, Stephen Kyle, Shaelea McKinney, Coty Murphy, Nicholas Noland, Joseph Smith, and April Tinsman - Paducah Fire Department members who responded during 2021 Mayfield tornado
  • Fiscal Responsibility: Erica Gipson, Finance Department
  • Personal Accountability:  Nathan Jaimet, Paducah Police Department
  • Solution-Driven:  Tina Cooper and Kaitlyn Wells, Technology Department


Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with McCracken County for Comprehensive Plan

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance for a 20-year interlocal cooperation agreement between the City and McCracken County to establish a City/County Comprehensive Plan. Currently, each government agency has its own Comprehensive Plan which is required by the State to be updated every five years. A joint City/County plan would help guide the physical and economic development of the area, preserve the City and County’s local character, and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors. Planning Director Nic Hutchison said the Comprehensive Plan will include extensive community engagement and address topics including future land use, zoning regulations, transportation, economic development, housing, and parks. This plan will be developed with the assistance of the company, Kendig Keast Collaborative, with the City and County equally splitting the costs. The process to create the joint plan will take approximately 12 months.


Six Month Review of Paducah’s Finances

Finance Director Jonathan Perkins provided an overview of the General Fund’s revenue and expenditures for the first half of Fiscal Year 2023 which is through December 31, 2022. In short, revenues have increased as compared to the previous year with payroll taxes increasing the most with an increase of 8.7 percent. Other categories have increased including property tax revenue, interest income, and business licenses. Expenditures have increased as well in most departments but are slightly less than expected. Perkins said, “We are in a good place for the first six months.”


Relocation of Dog Parks at Stuart Nelson Park

The Board approved a municipal order authorizing the relocation of the dog parks at Stuart Nelson Park to Noble Park. Since the Outdoor Sports Facility that is under design will use a portion of Stuart Nelson Park, the design team recommends the relocation of the dog parks to Noble Park. At this meeting, the Board reviewed four site options at Noble Park: 1) the wooded area across the road from the skatepark; 2) Anna Baumer field next to the floodwall levee; 3) an open area on the west side of Lake Montgomery; and 4) an area on the east side of Lake Montgomery near the Boundless playground. The Board did not make a decision regarding the dog park relocation site. Parks staff and the City Manager’s office recommend the site on the east side of the lake due to the availability of shelters and parking, open areas along with trees, water access, and the underutilization of this side of the park.


Pickleball Court Update

City Manager Daron Jordan updated the Board on the request for bids for the construction of eight pickleball courts at Noble Park across from the tennis courts. These courts would have fencing, shelters, and lighting. The City issued a request earlier this year; however, only one bid was received with the bid much higher than the anticipated cost. The Board decided to reissue the bid packet next week with the hope that more companies will submit bids.


Resolution Opposing Passage of Senate Bill 50 and House Bill 50

The Board approved a resolution in opposition of Senate Bill 50 and House Bill 50 relating to partisan local elections. Both of these proposed bills would require partisan local elections for various offices including mayor and city commissioner. Currently, these offices are non-partisan in Paducah. KRS 83A.045 allows local legislative bodes to opt for partisan elections.  The Paducah Board of Commissioners feels this issue should remain a local decision and not mandated upon cities. There are 415 cities in Kentucky with only six conducting partisan elections.


2022 Commission Priorities Annual Update

Assistant City Manager Michelle Smolen provided the Board with an annual report regarding the priorities that were adopted following the February 2022 strategic planning retreat. The Board held a strategic planning retreat with the Leadership Team last Friday and plans to hold a session on Friday, March 10 to determine the 2023 priorities for the City. Read the 2022 annual report.


Energy Project Assessment Districts (EPAD)

City Manager Jordan discussed with the Board establishing an Energy Project Assessment District (EPAD) in Paducah. This is a way for commercial, agricultural, industrial, non-profit, and multi-family property owners to pay for certain energy efficiency building improvements.


Additional Meeting Information

  • Municipal order approved to apply for the National Park Service – River, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program. This grant would assist in the design and public input process for Greenway Trail extensions and bicycling loops. The goal would be for Paducah to ultimately apply for a Kentucky Trail Town designation.
  • Municipal order approved authorizing the City Manager to issue a request for bids to replace network switches and routers.
  • Municipal order approved authorizing the City Manager to issue a request for bids to replace doors and windows and perform exterior work at Fire Station No. 2 on Wayne Sullivan Drive.
  • Ordinance introduced for the consensual annexation of 2631 Holt Road as requested by the property owner.
  • Ordinance introduced for a non-exclusive, ten-year telecommunications franchise agreement with OpenFiber Kentucky Company (dba Accelecom), a local internet service provider.