City Commission Meeting Highlights - January 24, 2023

Date of Release: 
January 24, 2023

City Commissioner Vacancy Update

The Paducah Board of Commissioners took no action at this meeting regarding the appointment of a Commissioner.  Mayor George Bray explained that Commissioner Guess’ attorney has filed legal action, a temporary injunction.  A hearing is set for Wednesday, February 1 in McCracken Circuit Court.  Based upon the results of the hearing, the Paducah Board of Commissioners will then decide how to move forward.  On January 17, with a unanimous vote, the Board approved the removal of Commissioner Guess as permitted by KRS 83A.040. 

Outdoor Sports Complex Discussion

City Manager Daron Jordan led the Board through a discussion regarding the outdoor sports complex under design for the former Bluegrass Downs horse track complex and a portion of Stuart Nelson Park.  City Manager Jordan and Parks & Recreation Department Director Amie Clark are the City’s appointments to the facility’s Project Working Group.  The Working Group’s goal  is to finalize the design in the next few weeks.  The project will affect the current location of the Dog Park at Stuart Nelson Park, and this week the project architect submitted a letter to the City and County recommending the Dog Park to be moved to Noble Park.  Clark said a possible relocation site at Noble Park is Anna Baumer Field.  This is the large field behind the amphitheater near the Greenway Trail.  Jordan also said dog relief areas are included in the outdoor sports complex’s design.  The Dog Park relocation must be approved by the City, County, and McCracken County Sports Tourism Commission since the cost to relocate the park is included in the overall cost of the complex.

Amend Code of Ordinances Related to Public Comments

The Board approved an ordinance to amend Section 2-145 related to public comments at City Commission Meetings.  Specifically, the ordinance no longer limits public comments at regular City Commission meetings only to items listed on the agenda. This ordinance also authorizes the Presiding Officer to moderate, allow, disallow, extend or limit public comments in accordance with the following specific provisions:

  1. Members of the public wishing to make comments shall complete a public comment card which shall be available online and at the Commission meeting.  Public comment cards shall be submitted to the City Clerk prior to the start of the meeting at which the person wishes to speak.
  2. If several attendees wish to make comments on the same topic, the Presiding Officer may require that a representative be selected to make comments on behalf of the larger group.
  3. Comments may be in regards to any topic which is within the scope and responsibility of the Board at any Regular Commission Meeting. Public comments at Special Called Commission Meetings shall be limited to the items listed on the agenda.
  4. If a speaker has spoken on the same subject at multiple meetings, it is the right of the Presiding Officer to no longer allow comments on the subject from said speaker.
  5.  Speakers must maintain decorum and respectfulness when addressing the Board. It is the right of the Presiding Officer to cause public comments to be halted if a speaker is disrespectful, threatening or out of order.  
  6. The Presiding Officer may set a time limit for speakers considering the number of persons wishing to speak and the length of time the Board has been meeting. As a general rule, no person shall be permitted to speak longer than three   minutes at any meeting.
  7. Generally, public comments will be allowed at the end of the meeting. However, the Presiding Officer may choose to allow for public comments at other times during the meeting when the comments relate to an item being considered or discussed by the Board.
  8. Before beginning their comments, speakers must state their name and whether they are a City resident, and, if speaking for an organization or other group, identify the organization represented.   

Amend Code of Ordinances Chapter 98 Related to Special Events

The Board of Commissioners introduced an ordinance to repeal and replace Chapter 98 in the Paducah Code of Ordinances related to permitting for special events including parades and assemblies.  City Clerk/Customer Experience Department Director Lindsay Parish explained that the special event permitting process moved from the Parks & Recreation Department to the Customer Experience Department in January 2022.  During 2022, 107 special event permits were issued.

The new ordinance language includes an updated definition of special events which allows the City to require a permit for large events that occur on private or county property if the events require a city road closure, have a direct impact on traffic, or would appreciably impact the need for Police, Fire, or other public safety and emergency services. The ordinance also includes language for the liability insurance requirement with coverage of at least $1,000,000 with the City of Paducah named as an additional insured.  The City may require higher insurance levels based upon an event’s risk factors.  Additional changes include the creation of an administrative policy which will outline specific details and fees including an expedited processing fee of $150 if the permit request is not submitted within the outlined timeframe. There is no fee to apply for a special event permit.  The policy also would include the requirement that event organizers notify event neighbors and the use of preapproved parade and 5K routes.

Boards and Commissions

  • Angela Copeland reappointed to Commissioners of Water Works.
  • Mark Thompson appointed to Paducah Convention & Visitors Bureau.
  • Trey Griffin appointed to Paducah Planning Commission.
  • Mary Hammond appointed to Public Monument Committee.
  • Marcus Turnley appointed to Board of Ethics.
  • Chad Beyer, Greg Croft, Jason Hickey, and Rick Windhorst reappointed to Building, Electrical & Fire Codes Appeals Board.
  • Commissioner Sandra Wilson reappointed to the Paducah Riverfront Development Advisory Board and the Electric Plant Board.
  • Commissioner Robert Buz Smith appointed to the Commissioners of Water Works and to the Brooks Stadium Commission.
  • Commissioner Raynarldo Henderson reappointed as the Mayor’s designed to the Municipal Housing Commission.

Disband the 911 Communication Services Oversight Committee

The Board approved a municipal order to disband the 911 Communication Services Oversight Committee.  This committee held its first meeting January 10, 2022, with the goals of making formal recommendations regarding the needed 911 system upgrades, funding options, and governing structure.  Committee members were City Commissioner Carol Gault, County Commissioner Eddie Jones, Kevin Kauffeld, Jewel Jones, and Dr. Irvin Smith.  This committee, led by Kauffeld as chairman, met 18 times during 2022 and completed its goals.  A request for proposals (RFP) for the radio communications system has been issued with a due date of March 2.  The Paducah Board of Commissioners thanked this committee for its dedication to the project.  Mayor Bray said a small group of city and county representatives will review the responses to the RFP.

Additional Meeting Information

  • Mayor Bray presented a proclamation recognizing the 175th anniversary of St. Francis de Sales Church.
  • Mayor Bray presented a proclamation to St. Mary School System Director Monica Hayden for Catholic Schools Week.
  • The Board of Commissioners accepted a framed print entitled “Farewell Delta Queen” painted by Wil MacKay, Carolyn MacKay, and Clay Norton.
  • Municipal order approved to apply and accept the Kentucky Highway Safety Grant requesting $35,000 which if awarded would be used for radars and for overtime pay for Paducah Police officers.
  • Municipal order approved authorizing the City Manager to issue a request for proposals for celebration display options for the Independence Day Celebration.  Options include fireworks, laser, or drone displays.
  • Ordinance approved amending Section 2-315 in the Paducah Code of Ordinances related to firefighting training.  The amendment extends the initial training period from 20 weeks to no more than 32 weeks.
  • City Manager Jordan announced that the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) is planning to submit a RAISE grant application.  If awarded, these federal funds would be used for a new riverport at the Triple Rail Site.