City Commission Meeting Highlights - January 9, 2024

Date of Release: 
January 09, 2024


Paducah Sports Park Presentation

Jim Dudley with McCracken County Sports Tourism Commission and Architect Jeff Canter with Peck Flannery Gream Warren provided an update on the outdoor sports complex, the Paducah Sports Park, that will be constructed at the former Bluegrass Downs site and Stuart Nelson Park. The McCracken County Fiscal Court heard this presentation at its meeting on Monday. After hearing the presentation and based on the interlocal agreement, the City Commission and Fiscal Court have 20 days to approve the release of the documents to bid. Both government entities are tentatively scheduled to vote on the design documents at their next meetings in two weeks.

Canter said the construction documents are 95% complete for the Paducah Sports Park. Once the documents are approved by both the City and County, the project will be placed out to bid for construction. After a one year construction period, the goal is for the facility to open in 2025. At this time, the estimated cost of the facility’s construction is $65 million. However, the actual cost will not be known until bids are received and reviewed.

The design includes five rectangular fields and five diamond-shaped fields that can be configured in a variety of ways and sizes. These multi-use, synthetic turf fields can incorporate soccer, baseball, softball, rugby, or football. The Paducah Sports Park also will use the former Bluegrass Downs grandstand next to the championship field. The grandstand will have an indoor concourse area and concessions along with dining and retail space. The grandstand can hold approximately 900 to 1000 people. Electrical conduits are included to allow the possibility of concerts on the championship field.   

Other design features include a memorial to Dr. Stuart Nelson, shelter and restroom facilities, picnic and playground areas, pickleball and basketball areas, 10 buildings including the grandstand, and a significant amount of parking. The Bluegrass Downs side of the park will contain 682 paved parking spaces, and Stuart Nelson will have 535 parking spaces. Counting overflow parking on gravel or grass and the permanent paved spaces, the total number of parking spaces is 1740.

The Disc Golf Course currently at Stuart Nelson Park will see a reconfiguration since the Paducah Sports Park will be using some of the disc golf space. Three holes will be relocated.

Over the past four years, the project has included research and analysis, stakeholder engagement, and master planning. The Paducah Sports Park has the following principles

  1. Become a regional destination for athletic tournament play.
  2. Provide high quality athletic experiences for the local community.
  3. Further develop the unique brand and identity of Paducah and McCracken County.

With an expectation of holding approximately 42 tournaments per year, the McCracken County Sports Tourism Commission estimates that the facility could generate a local economic impact of $131 million in its first five years of use.


Discussion about Solid Waste Rates

Director of Public Works Chris Yarber discussed with the Paducah Board of Commissioners a proposed implementation plan for solid waste rate increases for residential and commercial customers.

Last October, Yarber showed the history of the increasing cost per ton to dispose of solid waste. The City paid $34.95 per ton in fiscal year 2016 to dispose of garbage. Currently, the City pays $50.40 per ton to dispose of solid waste, and it costs even more to dispose of recyclables with the City paying $57.71 per ton. With the increase in the solid waste disposal fees along with other increasing costs, the Solid Waste Division’s revenue and expenses are not balancing with the current year expected to have a shortfall that must be balanced from reserve funds.

Yarber outlined two options to increase the rates and balance the budget: 1) full rate adjustments in the first year with rates adjusted by Consumer Price Index values starting in year two and 2) a phased-in implementation with. rate adjustments spread over a two-year period with rates adjusted by Consumer Price Index values starting in year three. Upon Board approval, any fee changes would be effective July 1, 2024. 

Currently, a residential customer with one garbage container pays a monthly fee of $16.50. That fee has been in place since June 2008. In the phased-in approach, Yarber proposed increasing the fee to $21.00 per month with a monthly recycling fee reduced to $1.50. The fee would increase in July 2025 to $26.50 per month with recycling included in that fee. Future fee adjustments would be based on the Consumer Price Index.  Fee increases are planned for commercial customers as well.

Yarber also compared Paducah’s residential solid waste collection fee to the fees in other communities. Currently, Owensboro charges $18 per month with Madisonville and Bowling Green charging $23.75 and $24.00, respectively.

The next step would be to adopt the fee increases at an upcoming Commission meeting. The City also plans to implement an educational campaign on accepted items for recycling.


Resolution Supporting Veterinary School at Murray State University

The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved a resolution supporting Murray State University Hutson School of Agriculture’s efforts to create a school of veterinary medicine. The resolution is as follows:

WHEREAS, the City of Paducah elected officials agree that the Region has a duty to help fulfill the needs of rural veterinarians; and

WHEREAS, the City of Paducah desires to provide support for Murray State University to pursue local, state, and federal funding to fulfill the need of rural veterinarians and support Murray State University’s efforts to create and house a Veterinary School at Murray State.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Paducah hereby partners with Murray State in obtaining funding for the needed workforce and wishes to enter into said resolution voicing support for Murray State University.


Boards and Commissions

  • Appointment of Lee Emmons to the Paducah Board of Ethics.
  • Reappointment of Robert Wade to the Civil Service Commission.
  • Appointment of Dan Knowles to the Barkley Regional Airport Board.
  • Appointment of David Wilkins to the Paducah Main Street Board.


Additional Meeting Information

  • Municipal Order approved for a purchase agreement with Innovative Sport Surfacing for the purchase of pour-in-place rubber surfacing for the playground at Keiler Park located at 2900 Broadway. This work to upgrade the playground equipment and safety surface at Keiler Park is funded in part through a GameTime Playground Grant and a Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant.
  • Municipal Order approved for an agreement with Pyro Shows to provide the fireworks display for the 2024 City of Paducah Independence Day Celebration.
  • Municipal Order approved for a contract with Harper Construction, LLC for the 2024-2025 Concrete Program which includes sidewalks, curbs and gutters, concrete entrances, and storm inlet.
  • Ordinance approved for the annexation of four parcels owned by the City of Paducah but not within the Paducah city limits. The parcels are located at 3110 and 3112 New Holt Road and 5065 and 5075 Concord Avenue. These parcels were purchased several years ago to facilitate the extension of New Holt Road adjacent to the mall.
  • Ordinance approved to provide an easement to the Paducah-McCracken Joint Sewer Agency on city-owned property located near the wastewater treatment plan.
  • Ordinance introduced accepting the final plat of subdivision for Woodland Property on Pines, LLC. This ordinance also accepts the Irrevocable Letter of Credit as surety for the completion of the public improvements which includes sidewalks and underground utilities. The project is near River Oaks Boulevard and includes 16 lots with two townhomes to be constructed on each lot.