City Commission Meeting Highlights - October 11, 2022

Date of Release: 
October 11, 2022

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Katterjohn Building Emergency Safety Work

Mayor George Bray discussed the emergency safety work that began today on a section of the Katterjohn building located at 1501 Broadway.  The City coordinated with a contractor to have the work completed through an Emergency Demolition Order. 

The privately-owned building, which been vacant for more than 20 years, has significantly deteriorated with sections of the building posing a public safety threat.  Over the past several months, the building’s owner has been cited repeatedly for nuisance violations including graffiti and high grass.  Furthermore, multiple calls from neighbors indicated that individuals were seen entering the buildings.  The City has had to secure the buildings several times to prevent entry in order to protect the public.

During this time, the City observed numerous structural deficiencies and decided to secure a structural engineer to review the facility. The engineer determined that, although the entire building is not yet an imminent danger, it is only marginally safe and multiple aspects of the property require immediate demolition to prevent loss of life.  The engineer’s life-safety recommendations include removing the single-story section at the back of the building, the brick smoke stack adjacent to a secondary structure at the back of the property, and the front porch structure. 

Illinois Central Railroad constructed the facility in the late 1800s to serve as a hospital.  After a fire in 1917, the building was rebuilt and eventually was purchased by George Katterjohn in the 1950s to be used as leased office space.  Building ownership has transferred several times since then.


Refuse Collection Discussion

The Paducah Board of Commissioners held a discussion regarding operational procedures related to refuse collection.  In July, the Public Works Department notified 300 residents that their garbage collection would be moving from the alley to curbside.  Mayor Bray explained several of the reasons for the ongoing process to move the collection location out of the alleys which include a reduction in damage and injury claims and a reduction in alley maintenance costs.  Mayor Bray also explained that the City’s ordinance does not permit the leaving of rollouts in the alley or along the edge of the street.  They are to be pulled back in a timely manner after garbage is collected. 


Discussion of Public Comments at Commission Meetings

Mayor Bray led a discussion of Paducah Code of Ordinances Section 2-145 regarding the order of business and procedures for City Commission meetings.  Currently, those in attendance at a Commission Meeting who have signed up to speak during the public comment section are given an opportunity to speak about items included on the agenda for, as a general rule, no longer than three minutes.  At this meeting, the Board supported amending the ordinance to provide the public the opportunity to respectfully speak also on topics that are not listed on the agenda.


Kresge Site – 318 Broadway

The Board approved a municipal order authorizing City Manager Daron Jordan to issue a request for proposals from qualified companies for the opportunity to purchase and develop the city-owned vacant property at 318 Broadway.  The City acquired the property in 2018 through a foreclosure process following the condemnation of the deteriorated building (former Kresge Building) on the site.  The building was demolished in 2019 which cleared space for development. The site is 17,250 square feet (0.39 acres) with 98.75 feet of available storefront facing Broadway.


Health Insurance Plan Update

Benefits Advisor DJ Story with Peel & Holland provided an overview of the City of Paducah’s 2023 health insurance plan through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield as the City’s third-party administrator.  Those who participate in the City’s health plan will have NO change to their health insurance premiums for 2023.  The City has maintained the same health insurance premium rates consecutively for eleven years which is quite unusual and an indication of the good management of the health plan and the City’s dedication to employee wellness.  Dental premiums are increasing 2 percent while vision premiums are increasing 6 percent as compared to this current year.  The City of Paducah has a self-insured health insurance plan which means the premiums paid into the plan by the employees are used to pay the claims.

Actions taken by the Paducah Board of Commissioners regarding health insurance are as follows:

  • Municipal order approved for the 2023 health insurance, vision, and dental premiums.
  • Municipal order approved for a contract with Peel & Holland for the administration of the City’s health insurance. 
  • Municipal order approved authorizing an agreement between the City of Paducah and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide administrative services for 2023 related to the City’s health insurance plan.
  • Municipal order approved for an agreement with Voya Financial Advisors, Inc. to provide stop loss insurance which is used when a plan participant’s claims exceed a set value or when the City’s total claims exceed a set maximum.
  • Municipal order approved for an agreement with Healthworks Corporate Wellness and Health Services to administer the City’s 2023 wellness plan.
  • Municipal order approved setting the policy for the funds provided by the City to eligible employees for 2023 in the health and wellness plans (also called spending credits).
  • Municipal order approved for the renewal of group life insurance with Mutual of Omaha.


Outdoor Sports Complex Project Working Group Appointees

The Board approved a municipal order naming the City Manager and the Parks & Recreation Department Director as the City of Paducah’s appointments to the Project Working Group for the Outdoor Sports Complex project.  The interlocal cooperation agreement among the City, County, and Sports Tourism Commission that was signed by all parties on September 7 authorizes the development of this working group.



  • Approval of a municipal order to apply for a grant requesting $45,000 from GameTime.  If awarded, the funds would be used to purchase new playground equipment for Robert Coleman Park.
  • Approval of a municipal order accepting the U.S. Department of Justice Bulletproof Vest grant in the amount of $6804 for the Paducah Police Department.


Additional Meeting Information

  • Mayor Bray presented the following proclamations:
    • October 16 as the 75th Anniversary of Rosary Chapel Catholic Church – presented to members of the church
    • October 8 through 16 as Tree Week - presented to WKCTC President Dr. Anton Reece
  • McCracken Circuit Court Judge Tony Kitchen conducted the swearing-in ceremony for the following Paducah Police officers:  Bryce Mansfield, Steven Leady, Tyree Owens, and Brooke Adams.
  • Municipal order approved for the grant-in-aid contract between the City and the Carson Center with the City providing $45,000.
  • Municipal order approved authorizing the City Manager to issue a request for proposals for non-exclusive telecommunications franchises.  The timeline is to open the RFP process on October 21 with a closing date of November 11.  The City expects several applications with several companies chosen for ten-year franchise terms.
  • Ordinance approved to close a section of an alley west of Cruse Avenue between North 32nd Street and Marianne Drive as requested by the adjacent property owner.
  • Ordinance introduced for various text amendments to Section 126 of the Paducah Code of Ordinances related to zoning.  These amendments were recommended by the Paducah Planning Commission. One of the noteworthy amendments regards the use of temporary signs.  The text change limits the amount of time a temporary sign can be displayed.  With the amendment (unless otherwise noted in Section 126), a temporary sign can be in place for a period not to exceed 67 consecutive days, at which time the sign must be removed or replaced with a different sign.