Contractor Resumes Work on Riverfront Park Erosion Repair and Mitigation Project

Date of Release: 
May 04, 2022

The contractor working for the City of Paducah, Wilkins Construction Company, has resumed work on the Riverfront Park Land Mass Project.  This project is repairing and mitigating flood damage to the riverfront park located adjacent to the boat dock. 

Wilkins began working on the project last October with the expectation that work would be completed by the end of January.  However, due to weather and high river levels, work was halted on January 4, 2022.  This week, the project resumed with an expected completion date of May 31.

The project includes expanding the stone revetment, adding rip-rap, and placing erosion control blocks adjacent to the sidewalks.  For the public’s safety, the contractor has restricted access to the park’s stone revetment and sidewalks.

Since the land mass was affected by flooding and severe weather in 2020, the City has received Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funding of nearly $400,000 for the project in addition to the State of Kentucky providing nearly $64,000.