Emergency Communications Division Achieves Re-Accreditation

Date of Release: 
December 01, 2020

Date of release:  December 1, 2020

We are proud to announce that the Paducah Police Department's 911 Emergency Communications Division has achieved re-accreditation through the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police.

The division first was accredited in 2016. The process requires a dispatch center to demonstrate commonly accepted standards for efficient and effective operations. KACP representatives conduct on-site reviews of records, systems and dispatch procedures.

KACP believes communications agencies are an integral piece of the overall public safety picture, and warrant a stand-alone Communications Accreditation Program. The process provides benefits, including a recognized standard for evaluation excellence and accountability, the opportunity to detect any potential deficiencies and enhance operations and the possibility of reducing liability insurance costs.

The accreditation term is four years. Re-accreditation for the 911 Emergency Communications Division was due in April, but completed in October due to COVID-19 delays.