Local Panel Workshop for Creative Business Bootcamp

Date of Release: 
November 12, 2020

Do you know about the Small Business Resource Guide? Do you have questions about a business license? What are the benefits of joining the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce? These are a few of the topics discussed in a one-hour panel workshop for the Creative Business Bootcamp.

The City of Paducah with funding support in part by the National Endowment for the Arts held a Creative Business Bootcamp that helped creatives, makers, artists, and entrepreneurs design and grow their creative businesses. One of the workshops held on November 6, 2020, focused on a panel presentation that showcased local resources, information, and connections that benefit anyone looking to start or grow a business.

This one-hour panel discussion introduces the viewer to a variety of items including the Small Business Resource Guide, permitting, kick-start meetings, business licensing, special events permits, downtown development grants, and the Creative & Cultural Council in addition to benefits and resources through Greater Paducah Economic Development and the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Date of release:  November 12, 2020