Paducah 311 Makes it Easier to Request Brush and Yard Waste Collection

Date of Release: 
March 09, 2022

With the approach of spring, more time will be spent working in the yard.  The City of Paducah’s new service request system, Paducah 311, is making it easier to let the Public Works Department know about yard debris ready for collection.

There are several ways to request a brush or yard waste collection:

  1. Submit through the Paducah 311 app.  To use the Paducah 311 app, download MyCivic 311 at no charge via the Google Play Store or the App Store.  Once downloaded, find Paducah 311, click Report an Issue, and select Brush Pickup.
  2. Submit through the Paducah 311 online portal.  
  3. Call the Public Works Department at 270-444-8511.

Regarding the collection of brush and yard debris, small amounts of yard debris can be placed in garbage rollouts. To make the collection of brush as efficient as possible and to prevent the blocking of storm drainage systems, place brush and yard debris near the edge of the road and not in the alleys.  Try to avoid placing debris under utility lines or near objects such as parked cars or fire hydrants.

Paducah 311 was launched in January to enhance the public’s experience by providing more ways to request a service, report issues, or ask a question through an app and online portal.  Both the app and portal allow for pictures to be submitted which is helpful for staff as they respond to the service request. 

The request types that can be submitted through Paducah 311 include

  • Abandoned Vehicle
  • Brush Pickup
  • City Employment
  • Code Enforcement
  • Dead Animal
  • General Finance Request
  • General Information Request
  • General Parks Service Request
  • General Police Request
  • Right-of-Way Obstructions
  • Potholes
  • Program & Event Inquiries
  • Property Maintenance

Please note that Paducah 311 is not for emergencies.  Call 9-1-1 for emergency situations.

Paducah 311 appThe information can be submitted anonymously.  However, setting up an account online will allow for email updates and an efficient way for staff to gather more information if necessary.  Once a service request is entered, a tracking number will be provided which can be used for reference.

If someone needs assistance using the app or portal, please .