Provide Input for Paducah Power System’s Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan

Date of Release: 
September 22, 2023

Paducah Power System is developing an Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Plan to strategically position the utility and community to meet future EV and charging infrastructure needs. Community input is critical to the EV Readiness Plan. The public can contribute by completing a survey and/or participating in a roundtable discussion.

The EV Readiness Plan will provide an analysis of the community’s needs, opportunities, and challenges regarding EV adoption. Plus, the plan will provide recommendations regarding EV charging, grid infrastructure, services, policies, and programs. 


Local residents, businesses, and organizations are invited to complete the Residential or Commercial survey. These responses will help Paducah Power System gauge stakeholder awareness, needs, and priorities, identify knowledge gaps and possible barriers to EV adoption, and drive the recommendations in the EV Readiness Plan.

Residential Survey      Commercial Survey

Roundtable Discussions 

Interested stakeholders are invited to two roundtables on bringing the benefits of EV adoption to the broader community. If you plan to attend either roundtable, please RSVP to

  • September 27 Roundtable: Workforce Development to Support EV Readiness. What opportunities exist for electricians and contractors to support EV charging infrastructure deployment? What opportunities exist for EV sales and maintenance? What training is needed to support this new industry and ensure a skilled workforce is available to meet growing needs? Join us to discuss challenges and opportunities on Wednesday, September 27 at 11 a.m. at the Paducah Innovation Hub (500 South 25th Street). Lunch will be served.

  • September 28 Roundtable: EV Readiness to Support Economic Development. How can EV adoption and EV charging infrastructure support economic development and tourism in Paducah? What are the needs of commuters, tourists, and travelers coming into Paducah? Join us to discuss needs and opportunities on Thursday, September 28 at 11 a.m. at the Commerce Center board room (300 South Third St). Lunch will be served.

For more information, visit Paducah Power System - Electric Vehicle Readiness.