Resurfacing of Basketball Courts

Date of Release: 
September 15, 2022

<p>Release Date: September 15, 2022</p>

<p>Paducah Parks &amp; Recreation is initiating a project to resurface the basketball courts at Robert Coleman Park, Voor Park, and Bob Noble Park.&nbsp; Each location will require the temporary closure of the basketball courts for approximately three to four days for crews to remove the existing surface, add a new court surface, and restripe.&nbsp; The work will take longer at Noble Park since that park has eight courts.</p>

<p>A contractor working for Paducah Parks &amp; Recreation will begin working at Robert Coleman Park (1100 Walter Jetton Boulevard) today.&nbsp; Next week, the contractor will initiate work on Voor Park (1201 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive) and then move to Noble Park (210 Recreation Trace).&nbsp;</p>

<p>The basketball court resurfacing project is expected to be completed in early October.</p>