Video of Tennessee RiverTowns Program Announcement from October 23, 2020

Date of Release: 
October 27, 2020

On October 23, 2020, Paducah-McCracken County, Calvert City, and the River Discovery Center held a celebration on Paducah's riverfront to announce the selection of both communities for the inaugural cohort of the Tennessee RiverTowns Program. Each of these two communities is beginning its journey to become an official Tennessee RiverTown and part of the Tennessee RiverLine, North America’s next great regional trail system incorporating a continuous system of paddling, hiking and biking experiences along the Tennessee River’s 652-mile reach.

The Tennessee RiverLine initiative is led by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in collaboration with the Tennessee RiverLine Partnership. River communities that are invested as part of the Tennessee RiverLine benefit from economic development and entrepreneurship opportunities, quality of life amenities, and increased access to river experiences that improve public health and generations of river advocates that are active participants in its stewardship.

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