Technology Department



The mission of the Technology Department is to provide quality, cost-effective services while advancing the use of technology in city government to increase excellence in operational efficiency and responsiveness.  The Technology Department's mission is accomplished by providing professional and technical services in

  • Advisory roles to its customers;
  • Network and telecommunication infrastructure;
  • Application software deployment, training, and support;
  • Geospatial data, information, analysis, and solutions.

Department Divisions

Support  The support division provides both hardware and software support to all users of technology in the City of Paducah as well as Joint Sewer Agency. This division currently provides support to over 315 users and 475 endpoints.

Infrastructure  The Technology Department administers and maintains the City network operations center providing voice and data communications and network resources to all City departments, and the Joint Sewer Agency. Paducah’s voice and data network reaches over 20 locations throughout the City interconnected via Paducah Power’s high-speed fiber optic network. The Paducah Police and Fire Departments wireless mobile network, hardware, software, and network infrastructure for 911 operations is administered and maintained by the Technology Department.

Software The Software division is responsible for implementation, deployment, process improvement analysis, business intelligence and training for all software used by the City of Paducah and Joint Sewer Agency. This division acts as a liaison between software as a service providers and end users; most notably Tyler Technologies.

Geographic Information Systems  The GIS division is responsible for the administration and maintenance of the City’s geographic information systems and plays the lead role in the continued operation of the McCracken and Paducah GIS Consortium (MAP~GIS). This division oversees all GIS software and hardware upgrades, new data acquisition, web publishing, and mobile app development along with maintenance and updates to existing geospatial data. Support and training are provided for all City departments using GIS. This division provides contractual GIS services to McCracken County and E911. Technical assistance is also shared with Paducah Power, Paducah Water, and Joint Sewer Agency.

Maps and G.I.S.

Various maps and data are provided through the MAP-GIS Consortium. The maps are for illustration purposes only and are not suitable for site-specific decisions. The map gallery contains a variety of themed map services and features including government boundaries, addresses, property lines, transportation, utilities, route directions, Google Street View, and more.

View Maps

MAP-GIS Consortium Steering Committee

MAP-GIS is a consortium of members who have a common interest in bettering our technological efficiencies in order to better serve the public. Members include McCracken County, City of Paducah, Paducah McCracken Joint Sewer Agency, Paducah Power System, Paducah Water, and Paducah McCracken E-911.

This committee meets quarterly with meetings on the first Thursday of March, June, September, and December at 9 a.m. in the Team Room on the first floor of City Hall (300 South 5th Street).

Recent meeting agendas are posted below: 
MAP-GIS Steering Committee Agenda - October 9, 2023
MAP-GIS Steering Committee Agenda - September 7, 2023
MAP-GIS Steering Committee Agenda - August 21, 2023

Free Wireless Hotspots 

There are several locations where citizens have free wireless internet access courtesy of the City of Paducah.  To take advantage, go to the locations and configure your laptop or phone to connect to the "PaducahHotSpot" wireless access point. 

Brooks Stadium 2400 Brooks Stadium Drive
Cherry Civic Center 2701 Park Avenue
City Hall 300 South 5th Street (connect to Paducah Guest)
Robert Coleman Park Walter Jetton Boulevard (10th Street) and Caldwell Street.  Best access is near the sprayground.
Dolly McNutt Plaza 300 South 5th Street--near the McCracken County Library
Noble Park Swimming Pool  In Noble Park at 2801 Park Avenue 
Oak Grove Cemetery 1613 Park Avenue
Skatepark Located within Noble Park at 2801 Park Avenue
Texaco Station in Lowertown The best signal is within a half block radius of the Texaco Station Information Center located at 402 North 7th Street.
 W.C. Young Community Center 505 South 8th Street