Dog Ordinances

McCracken County Animal Control

The McCracken County Animal Control Officer may be reached by calling 270-448-1595. This is a department of the McCracken County government.  For more information, visit McCracken County Animal Control.

City of Paducah Ordinances Related to Dogs

The City of Paducah has several ordinances related to dogs including dogs at special community events, chaining and tethering of dogs, enclosure and chaining requirements for the confinement of dogs, sanitary disposal of dog feces, and precautions for owners of dangerous dogs.  To view all the ordinances related to dogs click Dog Ordinances.  

Dogs at Community Events  Dogs are allowed at city-sponsored community events such as parades and festivals; however, to make sure that the public is safe, the City’s dog ordinance lists two requirements.  The dog must be

  1. licensed by McCracken County Animal Control or by any other state or county; and
  2. restrained by a leash or other lead that is no longer than three feet.

Sanitary Disposal of Dog Feces  It is against the City's ordinance for the owner or person in charge of a dog to permit the dog to excrete feces on school grounds, city parks, sidewalks, or other public property, or on any private property other than that of the owner or person in charge or control of the dog without the permission of the owner of said property UNLESS the owner or person in control of the dog immediately removes all feces deposited by the dog and disposes of the feces in a sanitary manner.

It is against the City's ordinance for any person to place animal feces in storm sewers or upon the property of another or to dispose of such feces in any manner except by depositing it in a toilet or a covered, fly-tight container normally used for garbage.