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Permit Application

Special Event Permits are issued for special events or gatherings of more than 25 people on City-owned property, public streets, sidewalks, right-of-ways, and other public areas of the City of Paducah. Examples of special events that require permits include walks/5Ks at Noble Park, parades, festivals, and fishing tournaments at the Ohio River Boat Launch.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a Special Event Permit?

Anyone who plans to host any event or gathering of more than 25 people on City-owned property or public right-of-way must obtain a Special Event Permit. Occasionally, special events held on private property or on McCracken County property including Carson Park may need to apply for a special event permit if the event has a direct impact on traffic congestion, requires a street closure, or would need police, fire or other public safety and emergency services.

How do I apply for a Special Event Permit?

Fill out the Special Event Permit Application and return it to the  or to City Hall, 300 South 5th Street, Paducah, KY 42003.

How far in advance of my event should I apply for a Special Event Permit?

The earlier you can submit your application, the better. The required submission deadlines are

Event Type Application Timeline Requirement
 Events Anticipating Up to 150 People  3 Weeks Before Event
 Events Anticipating 150-500 People  4 Weeks Before Event
 Events Anticipating Over 500 People  8 Weeks Before Event
 Moving Events Not Using a Pre-set Route  10 Weeks Before Event
Can roads and intersections be closed to traffic for my event?

Yes and no. City of Paducah roads, intersections, and lanes can sometimes be closed by filling out the section in the Special Event Permit Application related to Road Closures & Traffic Control. Permission for City road closures is granted on a case by case basis depending on several factors including traffic flow, staff capacity, and safety measures.

State roads cannot be shut down completely for an event. State intersections can sometimes be closed temporarily (such as for a parade to pass) but only with assistance from the Paducah Police Department or McCracken County Emergency Management. Occasionally, a portion of a State road may be closed (such as a median) if you apply with the Kentucky State Transportation Cabinet for a Highway Department Encroachment Permit.

What is a Certificate of Liability Insurance policy and how to I get one for my event?

Certificate of Liability Insurance is required for almost all permitted events. It is an insurance policy that protects you and the city if there is an accident or damages at your event. The Certificate of Liability Insurance must be a $1,000,000 general liability policy and name the City of Paducah as additional insured. Obtain a Certificate of Liability Insurance by calling your organization’s insurance provider or going online to purchase event insurance.  

Can I meet with staff to talk about my upcoming event?

Yes! We would love to meet with you and walk you through the steps to receive your special event permit. or call 270-444-8800. 

Can I serve alcohol at my event?

There are a few ways that alcohol can be served at special events. 

     1.  Hire a licensed caterer to serve at the event.
     2.  Apply for a Special Temporary Alcohol License. This is typically for non-profit organizations. For more information on eligibility, call the City Clerk at 270-444-8506.
     3.  Licensed small farm wineries, microbreweries, and distilleries have mobile privileges with their alcohol license types that allow them to sell their products at "fairs, festivals, or other similar events."
     4.  Entertainment Destination Center (EDC) – the EDC in Paducah’s Downtown allows patrons to purchase alcohol from local bars and restaurants and carry the alcohol in special containers within the district boundaries. If your event is in the EDC area, you may want to consider not serving alcohol at all, since local businesses will be serving. 

Can I hang a banner?

The Parks & Recreation Department accepts applications for banners. Banners are permitted at one location at the Pat & Jim Brockenborough Rotary Health Park. Pole banners are permitted on sections of Broadway and Jefferson Street.

If you have a question about the banner permitting process, contact Parks & Recreation at 270-444-8508.

Below is a permit application which outlines the size and material specifications for the banners. Please submit completed applications by email to parkinfopaducahky.gov or by mail to

Paducah Parks & Recreation
P.O. Box 7265
Paducah, KY 42002-7265

Banner Application