Customer Experience


How We Can Help You

The Customer Experience Department is a team of professionals housed in City Hall dedicated to making sure your experience with local government is efficient and positive.  City Clerk/Customer Experience Department Director Lindsay Parish, Customer Experience Representative Donna Jackson, and Senior Customer Experience Representative Alexandra Sherwood are there to greet you at City Hall and help navigate city government in the following ways:


The mission of the Customer Experience Department is to revolutionize Paducah by placing citizens at the center of every decision.  We accomplish this mission by creating accessible information, fostering empathy, improving communication, and supporting each citizen’s journey.

Accessible Information  We believe that interacting with government should not be complicated. It should be straight-forward and understandable. Our department is in charge of ensuring that the ordinances and municipal orders passed by the City Commission are accurate, understandable and accessible to the public.

Fostering Empathy  We know that the best cities are compassionate cities. The Customer Experience Department makes empathy a driving force in process design and in each interaction with citizens and businesses.

Open Communication  We recognize that open communication and transparency in government are key to building community trust. From open records requests and open commission meetings to open conversations and clear processes, we are striving to be open with how we communicate with the public.

Supporting Journeys  We understand that each person in our community is unique, with their own passions, needs and abilities. It’s our job to make sure each person knows that they matter to us by mapping their journeys, understanding their needs and implementing the right technologies to meet and exceed expectations.

Citizens at the Center  We believe the purpose of government is to create better lives for the citizens we serve. By understanding our citizens, their journeys and experiences, we can actively improve quality of life and trust in local government.   

We are revolutionizing the relationships between Paducah’s government and its residents, contractors, and business owners.  It’s a new day in Paducah.  We have a package of initiatives that will streamline processes and improve communications so that the expectations of our customers are not just met, they are exceeded.  We are placing customer experience at the forefront of our operations.

The New Day Initiative, A Celebration

On June 28, 2019, an event was held at City Hall to celebrate the launch of the Customer Experience Department and the New Day Initiative.