Building Assessment Study

About the Facilities Plan

At the July 14, 2020, meeting of the Paducah Board of Commissioners, Principal/Mechanical Engineer Baccus Oliver with Marcum Engineering provided an overview of the 2020 Facilities Survey and Plan which assesses 14 City of Paducah owned buildings.  These buildings are developing many age-related issues and needs.  The 14 buildings have an average age of 50 and range in age from 27 years old (Paducah Recreation Center) to 85 years old (Police Station).

This project began late in 2019 with the assessment team touring each building and scoring various components and systems in each facility from 1 to 5 (excellent to poor).  The team also developed a list of needs and a 10-year plan for each building ranging from immediate needs that are recommended to be completed in the next one to three years and long-range needs that could be completed in years four through 10.  The survey provides an overall building score for each facility and scores for categories including exterior site, building exterior, building interior, plumbing and fire protection, HVAC, and electrical. 

The average building score for all 14 buildings is 3.5 which is between average and below average.  The facilities with the lowest scores are Fire Station No. 1, Fire Station No. 4, Parks & Recreation Building, Paducah Police Station, and the Robert Cherry Civic Center.  The cost of all the assessed needs over the next 10 years totals $12.6 million.

The 14 facilities reviewed in the study are the Allie Morgan Communication Center (which houses E-911 and Technology Department), City Hall, five fire stations, Paducah Recreation Center, Parks & Recreation Building, Police Station, Probation & Parole Office Building, Public Works Offices, Public Works Warehouse, and Robert Cherry Civic Center.