George P. Bray

Mayor George Bray

George Parker Bray was elected Paducah’s 40th Mayor in November 2020 and took office on January 1, 2021. Mayor Bray is committed to economic development and job growth for Paducah and McCracken County. He believes that growth will be enhanced greatly through collaboration with the surrounding counties that make up our region. He is dedicated to help lead the vigorous recruitment of new businesses and support small business growth and the enablement of entrepreneurs.

In addition to growing our economy, Mayor Bray drives transparency in the workings of city government while utilizing city financial resources wisely and diligently. Plus, he is committed to redeveloping Paducah neighborhoods and assisting in Paducah become a more diverse and inclusive populace in order to enrich the cultural opportunities for Paducah citizens as well as make the overall community more attractive to those companies and individuals considering relocation.

Mayor Bray is an experienced businessman with undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and more than 40 years of experience leading and working with people of all walks of life. Mayor Bray grew up in Paducah and is the oldest of nine children. After graduating from St. Mary High School, he earned a degree in Marketing and Business Management from the Indiana University Kelly School of Business and later earned an MBA from Ohio State University.

He had a long career in pharmaceutical distribution where he spent 42 years with the same company, Amerisource Bergen (now Cencora). Since 2016, he has served as Vice President of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (IFPW) and has spent considerable time traveling the globe representing the industry internationally, both within the global health arena and in the engagement with IFPW member companies all over the world. He entered the Global Health arena through his facilitation of leadership courses and professional mentoring in Sub Saharan Africa. He has guest lectured at major universities in both Rwanda and Uganda and has facilitated leadership training in nine different African and Asian countries.

Mayor Bray is married to Angela West Bray and has three daughters, three stepsons, two stepdaughters, and two grandchildren. He serves on numerous boards and committees including the board of directors of GPED, the IDA, Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and the National Quilt Museum.

Read Mayor Bray's Message about his first 100 days in office (posted April 12, 2021).


Mayor's Office:  270-444-8504

Invitation to Serve on Citizen Boards and Commissions

Paducah has several boards and commissions that provide guidance on a variety of topics.  To be considered as a board or commission appointee, review the Boards and Commissions overview document and submit an application form.  Your willingness to serve Paducah is appreciated.

Inauguration Ceremony

The official inauguration ceremony for the Paducah Board of Commissioners was held December 28, 2020, at City Hall.  Attorney Mark Bryant officiated Mayor Bray's oath of office.