Continuous Improvement - Historical and Cultural Resources

Objective - Protecting Key Historical and Cultural Resources

history book iconCollaborate with community partners to support and invest in the historical and cultural resources unique to Paducah.

Note: This was a 2022 City Commission Priority.

Key Departments

Parks & Recreation Department 

Historical and Cultural Resources Expectations and Tactics

  • Finish the design and begin the Robert Cherry Civic Center renovation
  • Work with the McCracken County Sports Tourism Commission to honor the legacy of Dr. William Stuart Nelson for the outdoor sports and recreation complex
  • Determine the City's role in supporting and collaborating with community partners (i.e. Hotel Metropolitan, Columbia Theater, and more)

Accomplishments - 2022 to Present

Consulting Services Related to Historical Assets & Neighborhoods  At the June 28, 2022, Commission meeting, the Board authorized the initiation of a request for proposals (RFP) for consulting services related to preservation assessment and stewardship of certain historic assets and neighborhoods. Rhodes Heritage Group was selected with a contract signed in October 2022. The project focuses on the Hotel Metropolitan, the Oscar Cross birth house, Columbia Theater, Stuart Nelson Park, and the Southside.

Preservation Opportunities Assessment by Rhodes Heritage Group

Outdoor Sports and Recreation Complex  Staff is attending the McCracken County Sports Tourism Commission meetings and participating in the design working group for the outdoor sports facilities being designed for the former Bluegrass Downs site and Stuart Nelson Park. The project's groundbreaking is expected to be in late 2023.

Robert Cherry Civic Center The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved in March 2022 renovating the Robert Cherry Civic Center using the existing building footprint for the Parks & Recreation Department office space and public assembly space for events. Due to a collision of a truck into the building in September 2022, the construction documents were reworked to account for the structural damage. In March 2023, the City accepted a construction bid to rehabilitate the facility with the construction expected to be completed early in 2024.

Commission Priorities

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