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About the Paducah Fire Department

The Paducah Fire Department started in 1882.  At that time the City of Paducah was very small, covering only 3 square miles.  Visit History for pictures from the past.  Today Paducah spans more than 21 square miles and is covered by five fire stationsThe Paducah Fire Department is proud of its ISO-Class 2 rating.  The Paducah Fire Department is divided into four divisions: administration, prevention, suppression, and training.

Administration:  Administration is responsible for the general management the Paducah Fire Department's divisions.  Fire Chief Steve Kyle oversees the Department with the assistance of two Deputy Chiefs, three Assistant Chiefs, and a Training Officer.

Fire Prevention:  The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for city-wide fire protection, the construction program, the code enforcement program, and public education.  This division includes the Fire Marshal's office in addition to a staff of inspectors, a permit specialist, and code enforcement officers who have the responsibilities of issuing permits, conducting building, construction, and electrical inspections, and providing code enforcement

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Suppression:  Our staff of Professional Firefighters work full time, 24 hour shifts, to protect the citizens of Paducah and its visitors.  The Paducah Fire Department Suppression Division consists of five fire stations that cover more than 21 square miles within the Paducah city limits.  The stations house five engine companies, two aerial companies, and two rescue units for the purpose of responding to fire emergencies and for rescue assistance.  Fire Suppression includes Captains, Lieutenants, and Firefighters and three Assistant Fire Chiefs under the direction of the Deputy Chief of Fire Operations who reports to the Fire Chief.

Training:  Paducah Firefighters have more than 300 hours of continued education each year.  The Training Officer coordinates education in the areas of EMS, firefighter skills, haz-mat, pump operations, and others.  These education requirements ensure that the level of competency of the members of the Fire Department is the highest achievable and maximizes the resources of personnel and equipment available to best protect and serve the citizens of the City.


Emergency     911
E-911 Central Dispatch (non-emergency)     270-444-8550

Non-Emergency Paducah Fire Department     270-444-8521
Paducah Fire Prevention Division (permits, code enforcement, plans review, and inspections)

KY State Fire Marshal     502-564-3626
KY Fire Commission Standards and Education     800-782-6823
Poison Control     800-722-5725

Annual Combined Conference - Fire Service, Electrical, and Building Professionals

The Paducah Fire Department organizes an Annual Combined Conference for Fire Service, Electrical, and Building Professionals.  The free conference benefits those in the electrical, building, construction, design, social services, or firefighting professions with educational workshops and continuing education credits.  The conference typically is held in October and attracts more than 300 participants.  

Fire Department Mission Statement

Fire Department logo

Educate to Prevent HarmEducation and prevention are the focal points of the Paducah Fire Department.  We develop and provide programs and services that promote safety and actively educate the public in Fire Safety and Prevention.

ProtectWe strive to have a safe environment for our personnel and the people within our community.  We accomplish this through prompt delivery of emergency services and by providing a safe environment in which to visit, work, and live.

Be Kind and Helpful We show that we care about our lives and the lives of others by conducting ourselves in a courteous and professional manner.


EMS Mission Statement

Star of LIfeThe Paducah Fire Department will provide First Responder services for the City of Paducah.  Services are supplemental to the Ambulance Service.

We will strive to provide the First Responder level of care to the citizens of Paducah in a kind, courteous and efficient manner in all instances.

The City and County are served by Mercy Regional Ambulance Services that provide Advanced Life Support transport to the extended care facilities in our area. (Lourdes Hospital and Baptist Health Paducah)

"Our family helping your family"

Our Vision

To become the finest fire service organization possible by utilizing and developing our members to their fullest potential, maximizing our use of available resources, and responding to the changing needs of our community.  As we move into the future, we will improve the total quality of our organization's methods, programs, and services.  We will utilize teamwork, cooperation, and leadership to develop our resources and broaden our service base. We will use effective planning and implement strategies to achieve our short and long-term goals.  We will gain the highest level of customer satisfaction from our citizens.  As we like to say:  "Our family helping your family."

Documents and Reports  

Fire Station Relocation and Renovation Report:    In March 2008, a report was presented to the Commission that outlined the future needs of the fire department.  After reviewing response times and areas, there was a recommendation of relocating the fire department headquarters to Station 4 which would need extensive renovations.  Plus, due to the City's expansion west of Interstate-24, there is a growing need for an fire station on the west side of Paducah.  Visit Fire Station Relocation and Renovation Report to view slides presented to the Commission.