Priority Action Item - Quality of Life

Objective - Quality of Life

park imageFocused effort on City services and projects that improve the community. 

Note: This was also a 2022 priority, called Beautification.

Key Departments

Communications Manager
Fire Department
Human Resources
Parks and Recreation
Police Department
Public Works

Quality of Life Priority Details

Expectations and Tactics
  • Accelerate the evaluation of the prohibited noises code and evaluate enforcement opportunities.
  • Update sign ordinance and facilitate collaboration across all departments for sign violation enforcement.
  • Raise public and city employee awareness about the importance of mental health and available resources.
  • Implement a community-wide event focusing on beautification and litter pickup.
Accomplishments - 2022 to present
  • Beautification and Code Awareness  Communications led a social media campaign in 2023 for beautification and code awareness with a total reach/impressions of 26,415. The theme was “Lend a Helping Hand, Help Us Keep Paducah Beautiful.” There were social media posts and ads for

    • High Grass and Weeds - code 42-50(a)(4)
    • Cigarette Butt Litter – code 42-47(b)
    • Picking Up After Your Pet – code 14-35
    • Sight and Sidewalk Obstructions – code 42-50(a)(6)
    • Storm Drains (keep out litter, leaves, grass clippings, etc.) – code 42-47(h)(1)
    • Proper Disposal of Appliances – code 42-48(b)(1)
    • Abandoned or Inoperable Vehicles – code 42-48(b)(1-3)
    • Unwanted Noises – code 42-101
    • Removing Garbage Rollouts After Collection – code 42-49(d)(3)(c)
  • Creative & Cultural Council  The Creative & Cultural Council is reviewing a draft public art implementation plan and has developed a work plan identifying potential projects to include temporary public art downtown, the expansion of the Broadway window mural project, and a public art installation for the Southside. The Board held a strategic planning retreat in December 2022 with a large public art project as the main 2023 priority.
  • Mental Health Awareness Executed a robust internal and external Mental Health Awareness campaign in May 2023. Human Resources led themed weekly campaigns and weekly lunch and learn event with a total of 175 participants. Communications created a mental health resources webpage, radio ads, a billboard, and a social media campaign with 22,571 total reach/impressions.
  • Paducah 311  Launched Paducah 311 online service request system and app in January 2022. In the first year of operation,1080 service requests were submitted with the top request types as brush pick up, code enforcement, pot holes, and general inquiry. There were 739 downloads of the Tyler 311 app.
  • Paducah Civic Beautification Board The Paducah Civic Beautification Board (CBB) determined their 2023 beautification goals. Goals include updating the Dogwood Trail signage, identifying a maintenance plan for Welcome signage, and repairing the fountain in City Hall. The Board participated in the Earth Day Farmers' Market event to promote litter collection. New Dogwood Trail directional signs and pole banners for Broadway and Jefferson were designed and installed in 2023. The Board is reaching out to a community partner for assistance in maintaining the Welcome to Paducah signs. CBB is working with Beautiful Paducah to develop a Pick-Up Paducah festival for 2024 for the Walter Jetton Neighborhood. The hope is that the festival can be replicated across the community.
  • Paducah Main Street  Paducah Main Street is improving the streetscape on the 3rd Street corridor between Kentucky and Jefferson streets.
  • Southside Steering Committee  The Southside Steering Committee gathered public feedback for recreation improvements at Robert Coleman Park in October 2022.

Commission Priorities

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