Priority Action Item - Operational Efficiencies

Objective - Improve Operational Efficiencies

gearsUse existing and new data to achieve process improvements and operational efficiencies

Key Team Members

City Clerk/Director of Customer Experience Lindsay Parish
City Engineer Rick Murphy
Fire Chief Steve Kyle
Planning Director Nic Hutchison

Operational Efficiencies Details

  • Educate on existing processes
  • Evaluate opportunities to staff and/or outsource services to achieve operational efficiencies
  • Review construction development process

Internal Communication  The focus is increasing awareness and understanding of internal processes. A new internal process has been implemented for elected officials to meet with department directors who will provide updates on departmental activities. 

Kick-Start Meetings During 2022, staff held 17 kick-start meetings to help launch projects.

Technology Department  City Manager’s Office is working with the Technology Department on re‐organizing the department and evaluating opportunities with the new Chief Technology Director.

Software Upgrades  The software team is prioritizing making online services available to customers. The latest feature is the availability of viewing and paying property tax bills online. Electronic permitting is in the testing phase and is expected to be ready for community-wide launch in 2023.  

Website Upgraded the software and theme for the City's website with the new site launching to the public in February 2023. Streamlined information and navigation to improve the user's experience.

Commission Priorities

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