City Hall
300 South 5th Street
P.O. Box 2267
Paducah, KY 42002-2267

Mission of Administration Department

The Administration Department operates under the City's mission statement which is To Be the Best City in the World and the six organizational values. The Department strives to provide professional leadership in the administration and execution of policies and objectives formulated by the Paducah Board of Commissioners. The Department also is responsible for promoting confidence in city government through community engagement and customer service and through the development of solutions, programs, and measures to meet the emerging needs of the City, its residents, and business community.

The Administration Department consists of the Paducah Board of Commissioners and the City Manager's Office. The City Manager's office includes the following personnel:

Paducah Board of Commissioners

Paducah operates under a City Manager form of government. Citizens elect four, non-partisan Commissioners and a Mayor to serve on the Board of Commissioners with the Board appointing the City Manager to carry out the Board's policies. The Mayor may vote on all matters brought before the Board and may introduce legislation and policy review. The Mayor presides as the Chair of the City Commission meetings and is the ceremonial head of City government representing the City in the community and with associated government agencies.

The Mayor's office also oversees the various Citizen Boards and Commissions.

City Manager's Office

The City Manager is a professional appointed by the Paducah Board of Commissioners and serves as Chief Administrative Officer of the city. The City Manager's Office works as a team to assist the Board in formulating goals, objectives, policies, budgets, and programs in addition to translating policy and visionary ideas into tangible results through the day-to-day supervision of the city departments. Additionally, the office oversees the preparation of the annual operating budget and capital improvement plan.

The communication function also resides in the City Manager's Office. The Communications Manager serves the community by providing accurate and timely communications through news releases and other engagement tools, by managing the content on the City's website and social media accounts, and by producing programming on the City's public access channel, Government 11.

The City of Paducah applies for government grants each year for various projects. Grants applied for by the City benefit a large area of the public, city-owned properties, or city run programs. Limited assistance to non-profit agencies is also available. For most government type grants, a local government agency must be a partner in the project. In most instances, the non-profit agency will supply the Grants Administrator with information, and the city will assist with the grant's administration. 

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Duke & Duchess Awards  

Duke and Duchess of Paducah Awards are bestowed by Paducah's Mayor to recognize people who have made or will in some way make an “especially meritorious contribution” to the betterment and community interests of Paducah, or when given the award, will in some way advance the interests of the City.  (Ex: Community peace, cultural, other significant public or private endeavors, or visiting dignitaries, etc.).

  • All requests should be sent to the Office of the Mayor.  The applications should be submitted at least ten days prior to the issuance of the award.  
  • Persons requesting the award must document on the application how the honoree has contributed to the well being of the City or how the award, when given, will advance the interests of the City.  
  • The Mayor will review the application and issue the award at his/her discretion.
  • Honorees cannot receive more than one award.
  • The City of Paducah does not issue Duke or Duchess Awards in great quantities and cannot recreate, reissue, or reprint an award in the event of it being lost, stolen, or damaged.

Duke & Duchess Application