Fishing in Neighborhoods (FINs)

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In 2010, the Parks & Recreation Department partnered with the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources to begin providing great fishing opportunities at Lake Gerry Montgomery in Noble Park through the Fishing in Neighborhoods (FINs) program.  

For information about the FINs program including a stocking schedule and a map of all of the FINs lakes, visit the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources website or call the Parks & Recreation Department at 270-444-8508.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the FINs program?  

A.  The Fishing in Neighborhoods program is through the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources. FINs was created in 2006 to provide fishing opportunities close to home. It started with five lakes, but now the program has expanded to dozens of lakes across Kentucky. Each year, the City of Paducah gets four deliveries of catfish and three deliveries of rainbow trout. 

Q.  How did this program get started in Paducah?  

A.  Prior to the FINs program, the City of Paducah had been coordinating the stocking of Noble Park Lake with the State. After the FINs program began, the State approached us to determine if we would be interested in signing a contract for Noble Park Lake. The contractual requirements were not anything more than what we were already doing to maintain the lake.  Basically, the State is stocking the lake, testing the water quality, and testing the fishing population annually. In return, the City provides an in-kind service of maintaining the area around the bank. It’s a great partnership.

Q.  What are the benefits for our local citizens? 

A.  This is a great program to bring families together to develop in the next generation an understanding and appreciation of the outdoors. Stop by the Parks Office located inside the Robert Cherry Civic Center at 2701 Park Avenue during regular business hours to check out a rod and reel provided by the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources.  Another great benefit is that the fish are quality-size dinner trout and catfish. You can catch your dinner and take it home with you. 

Q.  What are the fishing requirements?  

A.  Regarding State fishing license requirements, if you intend on keeping your trout, you will need a trout permit. Anglers 16 years old and older need a State fishing license, unless license exempt. There is a Resident Senior License for folks 65 and older. For FINs lakes like Lake Montgomery in Noble Park, the daily limit is five rainbow trout and four catfish.  Fishing is allowed in Noble Park during normal park hours of 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.