Shelter and Facility Reservations


Reserving a Facility

Paducah Parks & Recreation offers several facilities and park shelters to consider for private events.  Reservations are not accepted more than one year in advance.  

Online Reservation Portal

Reserving a Park Shelter, Noble Park Amphitheatre, or Noble Park Bandstand

Online Reservation Portal

  • If a shelter has been reserved through the Parks office or online by an individual or entity paying the reservation fee, then it would not be available to the public on that date.  All shelters are available on a first-come, first-serve basis at no charge, if the shelter has not been reserved.  There is a fee to reserve specific shelters.
  • RESERVED signs have been installed at shelters. Signs will be flipped to RESERVED by Parks & Recreation if there is a scheduled reservation that day. 
  • Reservations are for the entire day (from the time the park opens until it closes).  Shelters/pavilions are not available for partial-day or hourly rental.
  • Shelters can be reserved up to 365 days in advance. No shelter may be reserved less than two (2) business days prior to the date of the reservation.
  • ​Discounts are available to official, documented non-profit organizations.
  • The person reserving the shelter is responsible for securing any appropriate permits, utility hook-ups, decorations, or other special requirements.
  • Shelter reservations include the standard amenities normally located at each shelter including picnic tables and trash cans.
  • ​Electricity can be obtained for an additional $30 daily charge from green power boxes located near some shelters.
  • Please remove tape from shelters and picnic tables and clean your area at the end of the reservation.


Fee Per (per day except for park closures)
Keiler Park Shelters 1 and 2 $25
Kolb Park Shelter $25
Robert Coleman Park Shelter 1 and 2


Noble Park Shelters 1, 3, and 9      (Map of Noble Park Shelters) $25
Noble Park Shelters 5, 7, 11, and 12      $50
Noble Park Shelters 8, 10, 19, and Bandstand   $75
Noble Park Shelter 16 $100
Noble Park Amphitheatre $100
Wilson Stage (at riverfront) $100
Noble Park (closure for events) $100/hour
Robert Coleman Park (closure for events) $30/hour

Reserving a Ballfield

Paducah Parks & Recreation has six ballfields at Noble Park and one softball field at John Sheppard Field in Brooks Stadium Park available for use. Each ballfield has covered dugouts and bleachers. Smoking and/or vaping is not allowed at City of Paducah parks and ballfields.

Batting cages in Noble Park are coached pitched and are available at a first come, first serve basis

Payment is due at time of reservation.

Online Reservation Portal

  • Ballfields must be reserved at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the date of the reservation.
  • Reservation fees are refundable only in the event that rain cancels the event. The fee IS NOT refundable due to lack of participation. If a renter cancels any part of your reservation within two business days of the reservation, a 10% administrative fee will be charged to the amount of the cancellation.
  • The reservee is only allowed to reschedule the date of a reservation once (which must occur two business day before the reservation)
  • If a reservation is cancelled due to weather or rain, the renter must contact Paducah Parks & Recreation on the next business day to receive a refund, or else they forfeit their right to a refund.

Reservation Prices Per Field

  • $10 per hour - Does not include fields that are lined and dragged.
  • $20 per hour - Includes fields that are lined and dragged at the start of the reservation period.  Minimum of three hours.

League and Tournament Pricing

  • Insurance is required.
  • $20 per hour per field - Includes fields that are lined and dragged by the start of the first game. Minimum of three hours.
  • $75 per day per field for tournaments - Includes fields that are lined and dragged by the start of the first game.

Noble Park Pickleball Courts Reservation Information

  • Reservations are available from March 1 – November 15 each year (or next available business day). March 1 is the first day reservations can be made by phone or in person with Paducah Parks & Recreation Office.
  • Courts available for reservation only during park hours.
  • Reservations must be made 72 hours prior to reservation
  • Fees:
    • $10 per hour per court + tax
    • Daily Fees: $75 per day per court + tax
  • If pickleball courts are not reserved they are available on first come first serve basis.
  • Tournaments, leagues, and frequent, recurring reservations will require additional approval. These types of reservations may require a use agreement, additional details, special event permit, insurance, and may require additional fees.  Standard reservation fees will still apply.

Hiring an Off-Duty Police Officer

Off-duty Paducah Police officers may be hired by the public to perform security and traffic control services.  Officers are often hired to provide security and traffic control at large and small events, traffic control for road construction or other projects in the roadway, security for meetings, and many other situations including weddings, graduations, birthday parties, jewelry store security, and sporting events.

Hiring an Off-Duty Police Officer